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Thank u Nashville, Albuquerque and Seattle! We had a lot of fun. Thanks to Google Pixel for sponsoring this video. #teampixel #ad
Which grilled cheese looks the best to you guys? Hahah
Take a look at where I went using this custom made Google Maps:
Check out how other awesome creators use Google Pixel at and find out more about the phone at
Produced by my friends at Portal A

Jc Caylen
Jc Caylen 2 vjet më parë
hi everybody :)
Lilly Varela
Lilly Varela Vit më parë
Y'all so cute awwe
Amelia Clark
Amelia Clark Vit më parë
Jc Caylen hoi
manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur 2 vjet më parë
This is the cutest video ever.
Bendysam Boris
Bendysam Boris 2 vjet më parë
Jc Caylen Finally another video!
Joshua Yon
Joshua Yon 2 vjet më parë
This is goals I love it
Sadie Avila
Sadie Avila Muaj më parë
i enjoy when you guys make vidoes together!
Samantha Kitchen
Samantha Kitchen Muaj më parë
Anyone know where her jacket thing is from at 3:54?? Or something similar??
annette daw
annette daw 3 muaj më parë
Thanks for showing love to NM
ana 4 muaj më parë
Chelsey is sooooooooo cute 😭 I love seeing u so happy jc 🥺💖
Aiden Biggs
Aiden Biggs 5 muaj më parë
Jc what ever u do don't break up with her, she's literally the best thing that has ever happen to u
Tichina Smiley
Tichina Smiley 6 muaj më parë
NM you had onnnnnneeee JOB
edyrosejim 8 muaj më parë
Albuquerque.......home sweet home. Sad you missed "A" sunset, they are mesmerizing i tell ya. :) Come back soon :) :)
Tylah Wraxall
Tylah Wraxall Vit më parë
What kind of camera was he using for the film side of it!?
Abigail Gates
Abigail Gates Vit më parë
My favorite ALpost couple💖!! Everyone else is overrated to me
emurray686 Vit më parë
The actual cutest couple ever
pmp Vit më parë
4:18 6:33 6:10
Katie Mason
Katie Mason Vit më parë
"I am the great cornholio i need TP for my bunghole"
it’s maia not miai
it’s maia not miai Vit më parë
i love how in the "seattle" part they literally. weren't in seattle they were on bainbridge
Kyla Zedeck
Kyla Zedeck Vit më parë
There so fuckin cute!!!!!!!!!
Emanae Emanae
Emanae Emanae Vit më parë
Jc needs his own audiobook, ASMR channel, SOMETHING! The man’s voice is like butter...or the cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich 😂
alyssa santos
alyssa santos Vit më parë
i love thissss
Emily Lotarski
Emily Lotarski Vit më parë
I love you so much 😍😍😭😭
Tea With Seabear
Tea With Seabear Vit më parë
Im new to this channel and so far I love it and it’s so cute. Jc is like Lil Pump+Supreme Patty lol I love it😂
Carson Brown
Carson Brown Vit më parë
But did y'all catch that Seattle sunset...
Hi Hoe
Hi Hoe Vit më parë
I would get a pixel but they cost A LOT
Achie G.
Achie G. Vit më parë
I'm in love with their love
Jena Mosca
Jena Mosca Vit më parë
I love these kind of videos and you guys are soooo cute😭❤️
Gelila Fess
Gelila Fess Vit më parë
i loved this! please make more videos like this
samantha colletti
samantha colletti Vit më parë
I loved this video so much! It was adorabale:)
Sufana Omar
Sufana Omar Vit më parë
More jc and Chelsey adventures 🙋💛
Roberta A
Roberta A Vit më parë
so cute 5:40
br uh
br uh Vit më parë
Diana M
Diana M Vit më parë
I’m so in love with you two, so adorable
Julia Vit më parë
This is the cutest video I've ever seen. They're made for each other! 😍
veronica martinez
veronica martinez Vit më parë
jc! This is genuinely the best ALpost video I have seen in the longest. The overall aesthetic, photography, the landscape, LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!! So beautiful! So fucken proud!!❤️DIS WHAT IM TRYNA SEE MORE OF!!
Sienna Sky
Sienna Sky Vit më parë
Jc I had to come back to this. its amazing. I miss you the most
Treycoyne12 Vit më parë
Is this Ian’s trans boyfriend from shameless lol
Ryan Hart
Ryan Hart Vit më parë
I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico 15 years ago
Jonamae Aguilar
Jonamae Aguilar 2 vjet më parë
My favorite couple❤️ You two are cutest🤗
Brianna Bustamante
Brianna Bustamante 2 vjet më parë
That's New Mexico weather for ya
Ashley W
Ashley W 2 vjet më parë
The day you come to New Mexico it fucking rains!!! When it rains is 9 out of 10 it last for 10 minutes. Ugh but we DO have the best sunsets and I wish you guys got to see it. Today there was the best one . Idk there beautiful every day
Crash 2 vjet më parë
This video is garbage and u are garbage too but u can send some money though my doggie
Jennifer Aldridge
Jennifer Aldridge 2 vjet më parë
Liza made me .....kind of
meruem ,
meruem , 2 vjet më parë
rip channel and i just found out about this guy..
Jc 2 vjet më parë
My name is jc not joking
Steven chaudhary
Steven chaudhary 2 vjet më parë
why did you die first in escape the night
Celestina Martinez
Celestina Martinez 2 vjet më parë
i loved this videooo
PERSONAL 2 vjet më parë
this video is so damn aesthetically pleasing. Botta go buy a pixel
JoonHoney 2 vjet më parë
I might fr get a Google pixel lol
Propaganda In Youtube
Propaganda In Youtube 2 vjet më parë
thankyou for this im boutta get that phone
Sauccyyy Tim
Sauccyyy Tim 2 vjet më parë
sumpreme patty long lost twin
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 2 vjet më parë
This is an amazing montage
ethlover 2 vjet më parë
I just wanna say happy late birthday, we share a birthday :) yay (according to famous birthdays)
Stephanie G
Stephanie G 2 vjet më parë
I live in Seattle!!!
Tyler Eberhardt
Tyler Eberhardt 2 vjet më parë
It didnt feel like JC edited this. I like his editing style much more.
QuantezCosby 2 vjet më parë
So you was in Nashville and I didn’t know 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Jackie DLF
Jackie DLF 2 vjet më parë
You should do a trip like this but all over Texas 😂 y’all would come to the Rio Grande Valley❤️❤️
PuckWeijers 2 vjet më parë
you are amazing
PuckWeijers 2 vjet më parë
love this
Cianna E
Cianna E 2 vjet më parë
This was truly so cute ❤️😭 I love you guys
yailen Valeria
yailen Valeria 2 vjet më parë
JC wish me a happy birthday! !!!!!!!!!
yailen Valeria
yailen Valeria 2 vjet më parë
Its my birthday JC !!!!!!!!
SoaR Sorel
SoaR Sorel 2 vjet më parë
Propose right now.
Samantha Pratico
Samantha Pratico 2 vjet më parë
does anyone know where the film overlay is from at 1:54 and 2:17 your help would be much appreciated xx
Aidan Cretarolo
Aidan Cretarolo 2 vjet më parë
WHOLY GEEBUS YOU RATED MADISON #1! My sister handed you he grilled cheese and said she was making her ALpost debut😂. (Also when you were eating blackberries you were SO CLOSE TO MY HOUSE OMG! *plus Madison is the best! BAINBRIDGE ISLAND ALL THE WAY*)
Kk 2 vjet më parë
Does Jc still have merch?????
simi virk
simi virk 2 vjet më parë
you guys are so cute
Pendejo #1
Pendejo #1 2 vjet më parë
Emily Mullican
Emily Mullican 2 vjet më parë
I don’t understand the one time he gets a brand deal the video gets no views :/
Paula C
Paula C 2 vjet më parë
Make more videos like this one!! I really enjoyed it! I'm so happy for you two
Mario Alavez-lopez
Mario Alavez-lopez 2 vjet më parë
Sorry about escape the night
Lauren 19
Lauren 19 2 vjet më parë
This video is so cute 😩
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown 2 vjet më parë
This aesthetic is straight up love😩❤️
Madison Ochoa
Madison Ochoa 2 vjet më parë
I'm from Bainbridge Island!!! Holy shit 😭
Joan Mendez
Joan Mendez 2 vjet më parë
The phone camera sucks (for video), but this video was amazing! ☺️
Madison Phillips
Madison Phillips 2 vjet më parë
Y’all make me so hungry with all that good food omg
Emma Garcia
Emma Garcia 2 vjet më parë
You guys are so cute I absolutely love y’all
nxn 2 vjet më parë
jc is such a perfect bf
alexeatingbandit 2 vjet më parë
-inserts jc’s death scene from escape the night-
Lauren Matthew
Lauren Matthew 2 vjet më parë
damn whoever edited this is a sick editor
Mary Silva
Mary Silva 2 vjet më parë
This was really cute. I loved the video ❤️
Keila 2 vjet më parë
Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams 2 vjet më parë
I loved the video 💖👏
dolans limelight
dolans limelight 2 vjet më parë
Chelsea’s jawline thou
Amber Madridy
Amber Madridy 2 vjet më parë
samantha quiroz
samantha quiroz 2 vjet më parë
this video is the cutest
mackie lakes
mackie lakes 2 vjet më parë
I love you guys 😍 jc I ordered your merch and it’s on its way I’m so stocked😍💗
Alexis K
Alexis K 2 vjet më parë
I loved this videoooo
Alexis Joan
Alexis Joan 2 vjet më parë
JC!! This is by far my favorite video you’ve ever posted, I love seeing this side of you with Chelsea rather than acting like a straight fool with Kian [though that is funny to watch]. You’ve definitely persuaded me into checking out the pixel because I’m in need of a new phone and Apple just isn’t cutting it anymore. Also these cities look amazing and I’m definitely adding them to my list of future travel adventures! Keep it up!
Jay Hams
Jay Hams 2 vjet më parë
Cuteness overload !! Thanks for putting them on this trip Google Pixel !!!
Katie Garcia
Katie Garcia 2 vjet më parë
Yo im sorry if im late or like get hate but is wishbone still alive?
Karina Padilla
Karina Padilla 2 vjet më parë
Aye aye aye I live in Albuquerqueeee
shane stefano
shane stefano 2 vjet më parë
Hannah Litchfield
Hannah Litchfield 2 vjet më parë
Chelsea is so calm all the time it really soothes me. It really compliments JC's psycho
Dania Tello Gomez
Dania Tello Gomez 2 vjet më parë
Why didn’t you come to Portland?😢
madinah m
madinah m 2 vjet më parë
Cawboi babee
El mencho
El mencho 2 vjet më parë
where can I get one of the scarfs or bandana he uses on his hair or whatever it is
Lena Rodriguez
Lena Rodriguez 2 vjet më parë
Why are they actually so fucking cute😍❤❤
Christina Montano
Christina Montano 2 vjet më parë
I loved this video. This was probably one of my favorites. All the editing and effort you put into this was amazing. Loved!
Valentina Proaño
Valentina Proaño 2 vjet më parë
I love chelsey sm she’s the cutest
Raelle Laurin
Raelle Laurin 2 vjet më parë
this was the cutest fucking shit
Abbey Rea
Abbey Rea 2 vjet më parë
#washingtonsquad lol
Mariana T
Mariana T 2 vjet më parë
I... am... so single... it hurts
Kirsty morris
Kirsty morris 2 vjet më parë
This video was so cuteeeee
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