My girlfriend dyed my hair & ruined it...

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Jc Caylen

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I thought it would be a good idea to stream on twitch & have my girlfriend dye my hair..... lol well this is what happened...
- - - - - - -

Sandy Baby
Sandy Baby 6 muaj më parë
Does Chelsea have a channel
Chaz Leon
Chaz Leon Vit më parë
Chelsey turned jc into a reformed and educated lil pump 👏🏽
Joana Rodriguez Guzman
Joana Rodriguez Guzman Vit më parë
Do you know anything about Lia, and what is going on with her?
Seanna West
Seanna West Vit më parë
I love your streaming tbh
Cheenie Ricafort
Cheenie Ricafort Vit më parë
when, where, and how did you guys meet!!! PLz make a vid about it
Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson Vit më parë
armed dane
armed dane Vit më parë
Anyone know if i still can find the yellow JC Hoodie !! Thx for the help, if anyone know ! PS soon you'll pass the main channel in subs 🏆
Emily Vit më parë
Stop trying to make Twitch happen
Purple pop Girl
Purple pop Girl Vit më parë
Lol looks like cotton candy
Elizabeth OC
Elizabeth OC Vit më parë
When is Chelsea starting her ALpost channel
Emanae Emanae
Emanae Emanae Vit më parë
Chelsey’s so prettyyyyy, they’re both extremely adorable (separate and together) lol ❤️
brooke wolfe
brooke wolfe Vit më parë
If you want pastel colors I highly recommend arctic fox
Korstn Vit më parë
(I’ve not seen the end product yet) but like without a developer the cuticle of the hair won’t open (the color won’t get in the hair and be permanent) but with his hair being damaged it could be a little porous which would make it hold some of the color..... idk two years of cosmetology didn’t do a lot😂😂
Zoe Nikolic
Zoe Nikolic Vit më parë
Are you still from Texas *cries In O2L*
Ally Radke
Ally Radke Vit më parë
Oh no... don’t tell me my intuition just predicted their breakup? I hope it doesn’t happen but I caught a vibe
Eli Chan
Eli Chan Vit më parë
I don’t hate the color
Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez Vit më parë
vee one eye who ?
Chrissy j.
Chrissy j. Vit më parë
I want that shirt 🤩
Angela Gioia
Angela Gioia Vit më parë
You’re mumbling like Corey in the beginning 😂
Kamryn Osburn
Kamryn Osburn Vit më parë
It doesn’t look that bad
V.x 2
V.x 2 Vit më parë
jc is so fucking hot
Genesis Vit më parë
She so prettyy
Emily Near
Emily Near Vit më parë
That song is going to make me lose my mind
Karla Carbajal
Karla Carbajal Vit më parë
" I think it looks pretty" 😂😂
tousender Vit më parë
lol i think you needed to add developer to the dye!
brianna huddie
brianna huddie Vit më parë
JCs hair stresses me out
Diana Mota
Diana Mota Vit më parë
Cut your curls and let your hair grow healthy and shiny :(
hola b
hola b Vit më parë
soooo ready for a big chop
Domi Vanity
Domi Vanity Vit më parë
I like your hair regardless.
Domi Vanity
Domi Vanity Vit më parë
You should be buying 20 volume developer and mix it. If you read the instructions on the paper that comes in that hair dye it literally tells you what you need. Maybe do your research or ask a professional before wasting your money on something that you do not even know how to use. I’m not trying to be mean or anything so nobody come at me, I’m just saying if you don’t know what you’re doing you probably shouldn’t be doing it to begin with.
XXLinaaaXX Vit më parë
Domi Vanity preach 🙌🏼 FACTS
Savannah Schultz
Savannah Schultz Vit më parë
Strawberry shortcake dad
Lizzy Robbins
Lizzy Robbins Vit më parë
The brand of hair color you buy means everything.
Kaelani Champignie
Kaelani Champignie Vit më parë
Let your curls breathe
kennedy wallace
kennedy wallace Vit më parë
ur suppose to add conditioner to that kind of dye to delete it that’s why the pink so vibrant
Taesheoul Vit më parë
I love how everyone calls Jc Dad lmao
Meagan Thorpe
Meagan Thorpe Vit më parë was ruined before she dyed it. 😂😂 (chill out that was a Cat in the Hat reference) P.S. I only clicked on this video to leave this comment. 😂
Emily C.
Emily C. Vit më parë
hanna Vit më parë
i have curly hair and a couple months ago i dyed my hair from light brown to black. the change was literally drastic and my hair didnt curl as pretty as it did before i dyed it for like a week but i kept using a conditioner thats meant to be used on hair with dye in it !! i recommend go buying some because it restores the natural oils in ur hair and has kind of a deeper condition
Dog Mom of 4
Dog Mom of 4 Vit më parë
idk who she is but i hope you marry this girl 🥰
Charlotte Stegall
Charlotte Stegall Vit më parë
Your vids with Chelsea are boring lowkey you and kian better
Sabrina Elahmar
Sabrina Elahmar Vit më parë
lookin like lil pump head ass
Mimi Kay
Mimi Kay Vit më parë
I actually like the result.. looks good🙈
Kenzie Power
Kenzie Power Vit më parë
Jc looks like a different man without the curls 😅
Edith Rodriguez
Edith Rodriguez Vit më parë
I have the same blanket lol
hannah Barajas
hannah Barajas Vit më parë
Dewdddd I want those cheetah pants
Arjeta Vit më parë
lookin like big nik
Itzel Itzel
Itzel Itzel Vit më parë
JC getting that money
Inês Almeida
Inês Almeida Vit më parë
Cut ur hair, it’s unhealthy
Carly Paoletto
Carly Paoletto Vit më parë
Ruined??? I don’t think so!
Hannah Noonan
Hannah Noonan Vit më parë
u look like lil pump
kabriaxo Vit më parë
strawberry shortcake ouuuutt lmaooo
Hanna & Zechs Vlogz
Hanna & Zechs Vlogz Vit më parë
U and Chelsea should make a channel together
alltimealy Vit më parë
just like with box dye, there's two parts that mix together. the colour and the developer. you just bought the colour, not the developer 😂😂😂
Dina Vit më parë
„who said that, what is that.. I’m scared“ Chelsey is so cute
Reace Leslie
Reace Leslie Vit më parë
Anyone know the songs name when the dog comes in? please tell me the name 😭😂😂
samayyy Vit më parë
Color looks good but u should probably go to a hair stylist because your hair looks unhealthy and they can help
jordana agius
jordana agius Vit më parë
You look like Lil pump’s older brother
maddy freed
maddy freed Vit më parë
I need Chelsea’s sweater. I know she said urban but I cannot find it on their website. help !!!!!!!
Emily W
Emily W Vit më parë
Just casually rolled over Hamlet at 3:01 😂
Olya Zwerner
Olya Zwerner Vit më parë
Chelsea is so pretty wow
Alyssa Philip
Alyssa Philip Vit më parë
ohhh noo
georgina Vit më parë
2:00 12:09 🤣
Shae bug
Shae bug Vit më parë
The color is good but since it’s taking out the curls I don’t like it
Shae bug
Shae bug Vit më parë
The color is good but since it’s taking out the curls I don’t like it
Emily Kay
Emily Kay Vit më parë
the blue was supposed to be mixed with a developer and its meant to tone your hair. the pink doesnt need mixed because its a direct dye. this would have looked nice if you would have purchased a blue direct dye
Alexis Pelayo
Alexis Pelayo Vit më parë
#strawberryshortcakeout 😂👌
Amanda Peters
Amanda Peters Vit më parë
Get a deep conditioner to hydrate your curls back to health. Your hair is really damaged from not dying it correctly. Deva curl melt into moisture is amazing and you can pick it up at ultra. It doesn’t have protein so you can leave it in for hours.
Juli Kutil
Juli Kutil Vit më parë
buzzzzz CUT
Jade Charette
Jade Charette Vit më parë
I think you should just cut your hair so it’s no dead anymore
Ninaaa x
Ninaaa x Vit më parë
“I think you look prettyyyyy” “Do I look hot????” “...”
Janessa Marie
Janessa Marie Vit më parë
did anyone else freak out when chelsey didn’t mix the developer with the hair dye? 😩
Ariel Thrasher
Ariel Thrasher Vit më parë
Y’all are hella cute I can’t get over it
Kay M
Kay M Vit më parë
You guys bought the permanent hair dye and didn’t get developer to mix in. That’s what activates permanent hair colors.
Kay M
Kay M Vit më parë
Amy C. Yes Ion does have those exact same colors in Semi permanent, but they also carry them in permanent now. They purchased the permanent ones, they show the boxes at the beginning so you can see which ones they bought. That’s also why when they looked back at the instructions it said to mix in with 2 oz of developer. The semi permanents do not have that in their instructions.
Amy C.
Amy C. Vit më parë
Kay M those are actually semi permanents because i’ve used those exact colors and you’re not supposed to mix semi-permanents with developer. idk why the blue didn’t come out blue, when i use it it’s blue.
Alyssa Ayala
Alyssa Ayala Vit më parë
Just use arctic fox next time. Your results should be more desirable.
Damaris Rodriguez
Damaris Rodriguez Vit më parë
yall needed to use developerrrr
Starr Vit më parë
someone needs to convert jc to the curly girl method lol
Leilani Vit më parë
BRO you gotta use like arctic fox or joico so it doesn't damage your hair
nimrod Vit më parë
jc cut your hair and let the curls thrive PLEASA
Snd Vit më parë
Man hair no go to cut all bro
Raneen Badr
Raneen Badr Vit më parë
jc’s nails!!!!!
Jake Peters
Jake Peters Vit më parë
You look like lil pump
Jacky Vit më parë
He looks like lil pump b4 😂😂
Lauren 19
Lauren 19 Vit më parë
Lil pump is that you?
Amara Eddins
Amara Eddins Vit më parë
dye doesn't really damage the hair, bleach definitely does, but going pink isn't the cause
SarcasticSydney Vit më parë
Jc literally ran over the dogs with his rolling chair hahah
sedara warrddd!
sedara warrddd! Vit më parë
5:01 ; *when bae starts flirting with someone else on text* 😧
Tori Wynn
Tori Wynn Vit më parë
I hate the hair 😝
Kelly Lopez
Kelly Lopez Vit më parë
It fits you. And your girlfriend is so pretty&nice!
Kelly Lopez
Kelly Lopez Vit më parë
I think your hair looks good.
Alyssa Taylor
Alyssa Taylor Vit më parë
you should go over the blonde parts with lilac , it would go with the pink and shit wouldn’t look so busted b
Sammi Sheridan
Sammi Sheridan Vit më parë
why isn’t it blue
Skye Jay
Skye Jay Vit më parë
I doesn’t look bad. 😂
Sydney Sjobs
Sydney Sjobs Vit më parë
i like it, it reminds me of patrick star or the pink fairly odd parent wonda or pink cotton candy
Ekata Patelesio
Ekata Patelesio Vit më parë
im too scared to dye my curls
Hannah Britton
Hannah Britton Vit më parë
I would def finish it by coloring the rest pink but using a deep conditioner beforehand, and afterwards. I've bleached and colored my thick curly hair (naturally dark brown) well over 30 times and conditioners have saved me every time!
ash Vit më parë
i think you were supposed to use the semi permanent colors lol those don't damage your hair as bad. use a keratin hair mask to help with the curls!
Yofavv packer
Yofavv packer Vit më parë
"Hey alexa play lil pump"
Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer Vit më parë
Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer Vit më parë
Kamea Huerta
Kamea Huerta Vit më parë
you were suppose to buy developer
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