The Real Reason Why I Left The C4 House...

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Jc Caylen

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I have left the c4 house...
happy birthday to dyl and Brian. love u guys.
(818) 536-7524
(also post a comment on my recent photo that this description sent u, I respond to comments :)
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Lunden Muaj më parë
should i even watch? clickbait is getting on my nerves.
Angelica Lizette Delgado
Angelica Lizette Delgado Muaj më parë
I wish I had friends that showed their love and appreciation for me like they do for eachother🥺
Autumn Ramirez
Autumn Ramirez Muaj më parë
I just miss him.. :(
Dina Muaj më parë
„I’m here with Kian and valley village fix“😂😂
Jerica Ortega
Jerica Ortega Muaj më parë
this friend group is so special im glad i’ve been watching jc & kian for a while bc i love how their channel has grown 💖💖
Danielle and angel nieves
Danielle and angel nieves Muaj më parë
Only 400 comments..but some comments have thousands of likes on it. Seems like a low number for comments for me
jamie franta
jamie franta Muaj më parë
I love Brian yoo he's so wholesome im obsessed
Briana Disch
Briana Disch Muaj më parë
Brian is the cutest
Downtown Kenny Brown
Downtown Kenny Brown Muaj më parë
Holy fuck i miss you man
Jodi Butler
Jodi Butler Muaj më parë
You are seriously such a good friend ❤️
Brenda Delacruz
Brenda Delacruz Muaj më parë
“I thought we were the c fuck house”😭😭
Taylor Muaj më parë
Dyl: why are you wearing a Hawaiian shirt in Florida JC: ignores him & cuts to the next clip
MarieFrance Muaj më parë
No longer a fan because you clicked
Elicia Briggs
Elicia Briggs Muaj më parë
where is kian?
Elicia Briggs
Elicia Briggs Muaj më parë
I love this lol
Kaaillyy Muaj më parë
Ok but the clickbait getting kinda annoying tbh
Lacey Rowe
Lacey Rowe Muaj më parë
i live in miami florida with my boyfriend! wish we got to see you guys! hope you had an amazing time in miami. love your videos and the c4 family 🤍
Meagan Mortenson
Meagan Mortenson Muaj më parë
I really think JC and Chelsey broke up. 💔😓
Lucero Ortega
Lucero Ortega Muaj më parë
Anyone knows that outro song?
lyne bactol
lyne bactol Muaj më parë
i wanna take spontaneous surprise birthday trips like this w my friends!! omg!!!
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright Muaj më parë
Is travelling during the pandemic in the US just normalised now
Sofia Isabella
Sofia Isabella Muaj më parë
unfortunately yea
Morgan Hubert
Morgan Hubert Muaj më parë
Really don’t know Bryan at all...but he seems very humble.
ilma jahan
ilma jahan Muaj më parë
The most underrated friend group !!
Bre Muaj më parë
ayeeeee Brian with the Orioles sweatshirt!!! Reppin Baltimore!!
F F Muaj më parë
Nicole Z
Nicole Z Muaj më parë
David is THAT dad who refuses to stop the car hahahaha
HAYLEY SIMON!! Muaj më parë
Brian at the freaking cute and sweet
Bu Rosalina
Bu Rosalina Muaj më parë
Brian is so cute! He deserves the world!! And he’s so appreciative I love that x
Kynnedy Simone
Kynnedy Simone Muaj më parë
(before the video) then who’s paying for the house 😭
SunnySideDiana Muaj më parë
Brian is so pure 🥺🤎
rizdha Muaj më parë
Jc is literally an angel 😭😭
Bethany Mount
Bethany Mount Muaj më parë
I HATE CLICK BAIT. Id watch thr infidel without it bc its YOU but now im starting to second guess it UGHHH
Ana Mendez
Ana Mendez Muaj më parë
Ily y’all are so sweet cried at the end of the video was so sweet 🥺💗💗💗
mik Muaj më parë
Ana Membreno
Ana Membreno Muaj më parë
aww, I love you Jc! you're an amazing friend to all of ur friends!
Angela Diaz
Angela Diaz Muaj më parë
omg brian seems like such a good person 🥺
A. M.
A. M. Muaj më parë
Wait so you’re telling me that Kian planned a knj video by himself..?? Jk jk
Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark Muaj më parë
Nice video
Its Jbunny
Its Jbunny Muaj më parë
so we dont get a keywest vlog ? :( ughhhh
Maria Turturiello
Maria Turturiello Muaj më parë
every vlog is a new birthday 😂
michellebelle Muaj më parë
Can we uhhh fast forward to Friday pls and thanks
Lucia Garcia
Lucia Garcia Muaj më parë
i stan this group of friends so much they are all so selfless and have so much love to give to one another this is some quality friendship right here
Fuchsia Angel
Fuchsia Angel Muaj më parë
All the songs are FIRE
Nina Muaj më parë
Melissa Hoell
Melissa Hoell Muaj më parë
We are just sadly waiting for the break up video :( for him and chelsey, also what’s with the crazy audio
varla music
varla music Muaj më parë
bruh, i knew this was click bait and STILL freaked out a lil bit
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez Muaj më parë
Ok but when dyl said “yes dad” it reminded me of Corey 🥺
Olivia D
Olivia D Muaj më parë
The music is all of Jc's videos is always so good
Noor Nasser
Noor Nasser Muaj më parë
1:23 wasn’t David’s hair recently been blonde! Who keeps on dyeing his hair? I love the colour though XD Happy birthday Dylan! U have an awesome group who cares about u so much :)
Christine Perez
Christine Perez Muaj më parë
good ol jc with the clickbait lmao
Emily Sativa
Emily Sativa Muaj më parë
This whole group deserves everything and more, like wow it makes me so happy seeing them so happy ❣️🎉
Syed Qadri
Syed Qadri Muaj më parë
I know damn well JC ain't gonna leave the c4 house...WHO'S GONNA PAY DA RENT BRO
Christine Garner
Christine Garner Muaj më parë
I wish I had friends like the boys who get as hyped about birthdays as I do!! God bless them they’re the real ones!! 🥺😭💕😍🙏🏽👏🏽✌🏽
wendy darling
wendy darling Muaj më parë
Brian is so sweet 🥺🤍
Denise Zimmerman
Denise Zimmerman Muaj më parë
I love Brian
april Muaj më parë
really liking these vlogs but those titles lool.. clickbait is so boring
Ella Winch
Ella Winch Muaj më parë
woah, birthdays means a lot to the people in the C4 house, whenever it’s my birthday i just stay in my room, no ones cares tbh🥺
MissJane777 Muaj më parë
*Remember that one time when that one friend and you all drank for his birthday and then he died?? Guess you guys haven't learned anything. This is disgusting. It's your fault Corey is dead. I'm so sick and tired of you and all your alcoholic selves. Definitely get help. You have so many minors who watch you and are supposed to be a role model. You're not doing a very good job at all. This is just sick. All you ever post is you drinking. You're nothing but a drunk.*
AXEL Muaj më parë
Yh the click bait needs to stop
mike jones
mike jones Muaj më parë
lol at Will committing to the C-Fuck house joke that wasn’t funny and saying it 15 times in a row
Hailey Morales
Hailey Morales Muaj më parë
i wish these videos would be longer :( y’all be having so much fun and i wanna see more hahaha
abrahåm Muaj më parë
Yoo bro i just want you to know I've been with you since " The O2L House".
Sima Muaj më parë
brian is the sweetest person on earth
mike jones
mike jones Muaj më parë
another lame ass unnecessary clickbait title all for a 5 minute video where nothing happens. nice.
Courtney Bryant
Courtney Bryant Muaj më parë
I said this in Brian's video I am so mad because I was exactly were you guys are a week ago and I am from Indiana I am so aggravated that woulda been so cool to meet you guys and hang out at the beach together
sarah Osmani
sarah Osmani Muaj më parë
I love how every one of jcs vlogs Have all Been about somebody’s birthday and I’ve noticed that after Corey passed away they’ve had a “life’s too short to not celebrate/be with your friends” kind of mentality which I love! They really are showing and actually telling each other how much they mean to each other which is so freaking nice to see !!!
Wareesha Ahmed
Wareesha Ahmed Muaj më parë
"tObAgALliNg" - Oscar 2020
haley sanders
haley sanders Muaj më parë
Your Vlogs always put a smile on my face Thank you JC💛I Love you
Brianna Napier
Brianna Napier Muaj më parë
Danny is 16, shh
Fabian Arreola
Fabian Arreola Muaj më parë
tobogganing ?
Jassiel Cruz
Jassiel Cruz Muaj më parë
Next time take me with you guys
Cathy Randi
Cathy Randi Muaj më parë
Brian is such a sweat heart I love him❤️❤️❤️✨
Giuliana cobos
Giuliana cobos Muaj më parë
The last clip was so cute with Barrie 🥺🥺🥺
Kisha Cameron
Kisha Cameron Muaj më parë
Anyone else get the feeling that him and Chelsey broke up
jenny Muaj më parë
i don’t think they did, someone said that he confirmed they were still together like 2 days ago on twitch
MariaG Garcia
MariaG Garcia Muaj më parë
Bryan deserves it all I love him 😍
Erin Muaj më parë
I feel like they get a new roomie every day
SabrinaChic Muaj më parë
"If you don't know who Dyl is, he's Will's channel partner" bro, I don't know who Will is either lol. One day all these new people showed up and we all just rolled with it and pretended like we knew
babyroo 23 ditë më parë
@abby allen yeah i didnt even know wyl and dyl during the reality house lol 😆
abby allen
abby allen 25 ditë më parë
also dyl and will started coming around because they were friends with corey and they obviously got a lot closer with the rest of the group
abby allen
abby allen 25 ditë më parë
their friend group got bigger lmao. it’d be hella boring if we were still watching jc with the same people as 2016.. the friend group has flourished and it’s full of amazing, hilarious, positive, sweet people sooo y’all should get to know them they’re great lmao
babyroo Muaj më parë
I didn't realize that there are viewers who may not actually know these boys and watch Jc's videos for Jc only. But yeah a lot has changed in his channel too, especially the people in it. Like it's not always Kian in it anymore
Ameera Salama
Ameera Salama Muaj më parë
look thank youuu. i miss the days w just corey bobby franny and knj😪
Savita V
Savita V Muaj më parë
Awww. I love how everyone has accepted and shown Brian love. I just know it means the world to him and life is too short. Love everyone and be kind always. Brian is so wholesome and so loving. Huge heart of gold. Happy birthday 🥳
wicked Cat
wicked Cat Muaj më parë
JC so sweet
Victor Uzumaki
Victor Uzumaki Muaj më parë
I swear every single vlog it’s someone’s birthday
Kate Jones
Kate Jones Muaj më parë
I love this new jc I’ve never laughed like this in so long
Poppet Anya
Poppet Anya Muaj më parë
When try to clickbate the OG's of his channel and were all like -.- sorry baby were numb to your jokes lmaooo
Neishka Marie
Neishka Marie Muaj më parë
Barrie missed his dad!
Brianna Torres
Brianna Torres Muaj më parë
I’m wanna know where jc got his teddy head necklace thing from😃 I like it
lexia barbutes
lexia barbutes Muaj më parë
I lobe Dylan and Brian so much they deserve the world! You know what f-it they ALL deserve everything in the freaking world! ❤️ I just love them all so much! 💙
Jamie colf
Jamie colf Muaj më parë
The way they all value and appreciate each other’s birthdays🥺
Denisha Petillo
Denisha Petillo Muaj më parë
Jc tell David that it’s been 2 months since he posted a video
tjb913 Muaj më parë
David looks awful.
izuhbehluh *
izuhbehluh * Muaj më parë
Jc: I’m here with Kian and valley village fix Danny : dude my name is Danny
Kassy J Manson
Kassy J Manson Muaj më parë
Having Jc as a friend would be amazing❤
Em Kayee8
Em Kayee8 Muaj më parë
Immediate reaction when I read the title: now you know damn well you didn't leave jc ”🙄😂
Joanne Muaj më parë
*Did JC visit Nezza??*
KDV 602
KDV 602 Muaj më parë
Brian is precious and deserves the world 💕
Ashlyn Pettee
Ashlyn Pettee Muaj më parë
I really need a friend like Jc!!
Hanna Hirt
Hanna Hirt Muaj më parë
Okay but where can I get that Orioles sweater
Genesis Reyes
Genesis Reyes Muaj më parë
I wish you guys stayed longer in Miami.. would’ve loved you guys to go and see the design destrict in Wynwood 😭 amazing food, drinks & art and for you guys to have a taste of our culture down here.. issa vibe
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman Muaj më parë
Don’t know what it is, but I’m not a fan of Brian, is it. Green haired dude?! Seems up himself. Try hard. Just plays the good guy. Fake af. Could just be me and I’m sorry but...nah!!! Come across as the kind to chug away watching HIMSELF on camera!😂👌
Genesis Reyes
Genesis Reyes Muaj më parë
omg I wish I could’ve met you Jc in Miami 😭
Tamika White
Tamika White Muaj më parë
Brian is literally the sweetest soul omfg what a bright beautiful light❤
E R Muaj më parë
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