Fruit Eating Contest in Hawaii

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Jc Caylen

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Wanna see why my hair is green? Watch my new O2L video -
Ricky's video -
This past weekend the boys & I had our first show in Hawaii and Ricky & I decided to have a little Fruit Eating Contest on the beach!
Ps - Hawaii you were unreal. Miss you already.
Next week's video is my Imagine Jc vid ya'll have been waiting for :)
Thx for watching!
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Heidi Scott
Heidi Scott 3 muaj më parë
Hidatsa hitsum
Michelle 5 muaj më parë
dudeeee... watching tho boys' og videos from 6 years ago is such a trippy experience omg...
Cass Carey
Cass Carey 7 muaj më parë
It’s 2020 and I remember the day this video dropped😭❤️
Wolfie Dante
Wolfie Dante 10 muaj më parë
They look like babies here😍😭
Caitlin Mulhern
Caitlin Mulhern Vit më parë
*Starfish* ?
Jeniffer Rios
Jeniffer Rios 3 vjet më parë
Who doesn’t love a shirtless jc
bryan villa
bryan villa 3 vjet më parë
poor ricky lol he thought he fell just bc he's a klutz
Shelby Witt
Shelby Witt 3 vjet më parë
Ricky's face at 0:53
michael jackson is bae asf
michael jackson is bae asf 3 vjet më parë
Memories 😭😭😭😭😭
jessica 3 vjet më parë
I miss this so much
Jordan Elyse
Jordan Elyse 3 vjet më parë
Tb to when Jc would post 😒🙄
shoham malichi
shoham malichi 3 vjet më parë
OMG Ricky said hello in Hebrew (shalom)😱😱😘😘😘
Taryn Hamm
Taryn Hamm 3 vjet më parë
Who's watching in 2016
Rawr Films
Rawr Films 3 vjet më parë
Taryn Hamm meh
Lynda 9898
Lynda 9898 3 vjet më parë
Taryn Hamm yesssss
Scrub A Punk
Scrub A Punk 3 vjet më parë
"Look what I did to Sam's back" *shows white liquid on Sam's back* He he he 😏😏😏 you know what I'm thinking 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Scrub A Punk
Scrub A Punk 3 vjet më parë
layla McKinzie PHAMILY!!!
twenty øne çhemïçal dïsçøs
twenty øne çhemïçal dïsçøs 3 vjet më parë
Jøey is a Panicking Killjoy PHANDøM
SKINNY LEGEND QUEEN 3 vjet më parë
Who was holding the camera???
Teresa Hoellman
Teresa Hoellman 3 vjet më parë
Tia Tiwana I thought it sounded like Shelby
Kiaralovesunicorns 3 vjet më parë
ella 4 vjet më parë
Vivian B
Vivian B 4 vjet më parë
"shalom" yasssss Ricky!!!
shoham malichi
shoham malichi 3 vjet më parë
shalommmm omg
Katie Carpenter
Katie Carpenter 4 vjet më parë
The whole time I was thinking Kian would run like that in the beach even if it was not a dare
Tiana Francis
Tiana Francis 4 vjet më parë
jc killed me when he trips ricky 😂😂😂
E´Tyshra Vugts
E´Tyshra Vugts 4 vjet më parë
someone knows the song from the last few seconds?
Malakhai Slivinski
Malakhai Slivinski 4 vjet më parë
Ricky is so precious! and Jc is smol precious bean
Landry Williamson
Landry Williamson 4 vjet më parë
I really like star fruit
Emma Ramirez
Emma Ramirez 4 vjet më parë
was Lia filming
Adrianna Feliz
Adrianna Feliz 4 vjet më parë
who was the girl in the backround
Mama Njie
Mama Njie 4 vjet më parë
"Oh then I'm not a klutz"
Nikaia Hepi-taratoa
Nikaia Hepi-taratoa 4 vjet më parë
Did they pack up all that rubbish?
Myra Khan
Myra Khan 4 vjet më parë
Ok great video Ricky cheated on the fruit challenge I miss u kain have fun in Hawaii I miss u literally Kain hag tags mkay 19 fan girl kains bae
luvr 4 vjet më parë
Who else thinks Ricky cheated? I still love ricky tho 😂❤️
TooMuchJaz4You :D
TooMuchJaz4You :D 4 vjet më parë
I think when JC walked away times around that Ricky threw the food
Shelbi0901 4 vjet më parë
They both cheated so.....
Manaska 733
Manaska 733 4 vjet më parë
Is it Lia Marie video taping
Savannah Schultz
Savannah Schultz 4 vjet më parë
who wanted them both to lose
Aysa Walker
Aysa Walker 4 vjet më parë
nayeli cardenas
nayeli cardenas 4 vjet më parë
"that was on purpose oh so im not a cluts" 😂😂when jc tiok off his shirt👅😍
v c
v c 4 vjet më parë
are jc and lia still dating?
Destiny Rodriquez
Destiny Rodriquez 4 vjet më parë
+Elsa gomez no they're not. Lol
A&A Perfection
A&A Perfection 4 vjet më parë
Marie F
Marie F 4 vjet më parë
LC 4 vjet më parë
watched Ricky fall like 10 times!! :D
Aleesa Shah
Aleesa Shah 4 vjet më parë
"What is this ?"mango you fake fan!"No it's papaya !"papaya you fake fan!RICKY omg lol jokes who ever likes my comment please keep hitting that like button below xoxoxox
Jeannette Pontes
Jeannette Pontes 4 vjet më parë
Ugh come back 😭😭
Girly Girl
Girly Girl 4 vjet më parë
Your so cute
Lauren Mercer
Lauren Mercer 4 vjet më parë
I HATE papaya too!
Seryn Sampson
Seryn Sampson 4 vjet më parë
acourse people is going to like the video if your shirtless :P
Leila Ross
Leila Ross 4 vjet më parë
"before we run give me my promo" 😂
Bea 4 vjet më parë
Is there videographer Lia??
Addison Darby
Addison Darby 4 vjet më parë
No it's Ricky's gf.
daniella touma
daniella touma 4 vjet më parë
Is the person behind the camera andria!!!????
Megan C
Megan C 4 vjet më parë
What are both of the songs in the video omg I love them😍
Megan C
Megan C 4 vjet më parë
+Catherine Riley thanks!
Catherine Riley
Catherine Riley 4 vjet më parë
cameras by chiddy cang
Lesa K.
Lesa K. 4 vjet më parë
Brooke Uleman
Brooke Uleman 4 vjet më parë
pause at different time when ricky trips
LANEY kurenitz
LANEY kurenitz 4 vjet më parë
haha he thought he fell
LANEY kurenitz
LANEY kurenitz 4 vjet më parë
haha he thought he fell
sarah m
sarah m 4 vjet më parë
Anybody know the name of the background music?
Sarah Edries
Sarah Edries 4 vjet më parë
that fruit looks really good
Antoinae Priest
Antoinae Priest 4 vjet më parë
he treat Ricki with no respect lol
Savina Sherwood
Savina Sherwood 4 vjet më parë
Where is Kian
Hailey Coningham
Hailey Coningham 4 vjet më parë
Love the green hair
Dan Harrison King
Dan Harrison King 4 vjet më parë
I've done a fruit challenge with my gf, which you can check out on my channel
Laura Vucena
Laura Vucena 4 vjet më parë
the sweetest thing was that Ricky thought that he tripped by himself. He didn't want to think anything bad about Jc. Idk, i thought that that was very sweet
Anahita Rahin
Anahita Rahin 4 vjet më parë
stop it at 2:31
Sorcha McMullan
Sorcha McMullan 4 vjet më parë
My fav fruit is wtermellon and staberryes
Sam Brantner
Sam Brantner 4 vjet më parë
I love hawaii
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore 4 vjet më parë
yall so funny
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 4 vjet më parë
This was uploaded on my dads b-day last year lol
Hoku washere
Hoku washere 4 vjet më parë
space princesss
space princesss 4 vjet më parë
zeeza 4 vjet më parë
It sounds like auto tuned farts
Kylie Nguyen
Kylie Nguyen 4 vjet më parë
+ galaxy gamer03
Kylie Nguyen
Kylie Nguyen 4 vjet më parë
Ricky's gf
Haley Miguel
Haley Miguel 4 vjet më parë
Please do a meet up in Hawaii !!!
nancy diaz
nancy diaz 4 vjet më parë
+Haley Miguel in Arkansas too
Deni Fetic
Deni Fetic 4 vjet më parë
what is the name of the song? 😡
Deni Fetic
Deni Fetic 4 vjet më parë
@Emmogild MLG Thanks Man! :D
emily morris
emily morris 4 vjet më parë
+DeniSaraHD The name of the background music is Cameras by Chiddy Bang, but I don't know the outro music
Sophie Tamblin
Sophie Tamblin 4 vjet më parë
whats the song they use in the background in like every videio
suryanshi kalra
suryanshi kalra 4 vjet më parë
+Sophie Tamblin cameras-chiddy bang
Siblings Suck
Siblings Suck 4 vjet më parë
The fruit that jc didn't know was guava
L.R. Channel
L.R. Channel 4 vjet më parë
jc still has green hair spray from his other video
Kaya reichelt
Kaya reichelt 4 vjet më parë
There's just a random guy in the background 😂
jasmine m
jasmine m 4 vjet më parë
Please come back to Hawaii! We miss you!
Juliana Alvarez
Juliana Alvarez 4 vjet më parë
he uploaded on my birthday in 2014
karleigh124 5 vjet më parë
This was so funny
Kaitlynn Destiny
Kaitlynn Destiny 5 vjet më parë
If you ever do a food eating contest with jc he'll win bc he has chubby cheeks
tiana Farmer
tiana Farmer 5 vjet më parë
Ricky falling was hilarious i couldnt beathe
Grecia Del Valle
Grecia Del Valle 5 vjet më parë
love jc
Ashley Marin Rojas
Ashley Marin Rojas 5 vjet më parë
I don't like papia
junior martinez
junior martinez 5 vjet më parë
Who was filming Lia or Trevor
Shahnaz Kamal
Shahnaz Kamal 5 vjet më parë
lol i luv how jc was stuffing his facebut rickky was eating normally yet ricky won
Serena Kumar-Ray
Serena Kumar-Ray 5 vjet më parë
who is behind the camra?
Dope place No
Dope place No 5 vjet më parë
I think it was Ricky's friend Shelby ..?
Destiny Milovale
Destiny Milovale 5 vjet më parë
I oove Lau'Lau does anybody else love it or tried
eva strand
eva strand 5 vjet më parë
That spiky one was jackfruit YUMMY
leonel sandoval
leonel sandoval 5 vjet më parë
I died when jc triped Ricky 😂😂😂😂
Mita Ortiz
Mita Ortiz 5 vjet më parë
my little baby cousin was dancing t the end wen the music started lol😂😂😂😊😊😊☺☺☺
Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown 5 vjet më parë
stay shirtless. Jc and Sam also ricky
Kelly Pudwill
Kelly Pudwill 5 vjet më parë
1:22 throwback to life size👌🏻😂
lesly equi
lesly equi 5 vjet më parë
I know what you shoud do for your next youtube challenge. its called the 10 cooked eggs! each person gets 10 cooked eggs,whoever eats the most cooked eggs the fast wins and the loser gets to run down the streets naked expect your underwear #nextchallenge ! you should do this with @kianlawley and @camerondallas GOOD LUCK P.S give me a shoutout in your ALpost video! (this video)
Ashley Vanessa Godoy
Ashley Vanessa Godoy 5 vjet më parë
I loved the end😂😘🙌🙌😁
Karen Anaya
Karen Anaya 5 vjet më parë
jc what's the name of your Facebook
Grace W
Grace W 5 vjet më parë
can I do that me luv fruit.
Pdiddy_dancer 02
Pdiddy_dancer 02 5 vjet më parë
I laughed so hard when JC spilt the stuff all over Sam's back...😂😂
הדס פרץ
הדס פרץ 5 vjet më parë
OMG ricky said "shalom, ma nishma"?! i lovee you all so much! israel loves you guys we waiting for you ((":
daisy hernandez
daisy hernandez 5 vjet më parë
I died when Ricky tripped 😂😂😂😂😂😂
emily velarde
emily velarde 5 vjet më parë
Sydney Wagner
Sydney Wagner 5 vjet më parë
The best video ever
Toma Bagsonaviciuite
Toma Bagsonaviciuite 5 vjet më parë
I love the song shine bright that rikky was sining its from life size
Liat Yaray
Liat Yaray 5 vjet më parë
OMG Ricky said shalom ! Its in Hebrew :D
Great Value Bleach
Great Value Bleach 5 vjet më parë
that trip doe lmao
Ashley Brookes
Ashley Brookes 5 vjet më parë
"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea Ricky Dillon" XD
DeAnna Juan
DeAnna Juan 5 vjet më parë
zain maan
zain maan 4 vjet më parë
Beccas Beautytips23
Beccas Beautytips23 4 vjet më parë
omg me!😂
Tam_m_m_m 5 vjet më parë
Those are all my favorites
HeyItsRae 5 vjet më parë
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