Salt Lake City, Utah || DAY 5

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Jc Caylen

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Day 5 of 7 on 7 Days On The Road
Neptønes Ch. II out now!
Snapchat // chamclouder
Thanks to Zach Jumper for helping me edit this video:

Colin Mckee
Colin Mckee 9 muaj më parë
Tiarralynn Barlow
Tiarralynn Barlow 2 vjet më parë
Pesi Kimoana
Pesi Kimoana 2 vjet më parë
Utah is the best state tbh
liv bradbury
liv bradbury 3 vjet më parë
Seriously travelers oasis why am I just seeing this now come back to idaho guys!
Dexter 3 vjet më parë
Ari .M.
Ari .M. 3 vjet më parë
This videos are truly so inspirational. Anyone wanna rent an RV with me and live on the road? lol
Jade Moore
Jade Moore 3 vjet më parë
this editing was so good 💕💕your an amazing ALpostr , between you and every other ALpostr , you are by far my favorite ❤ I hope I can meet you one day
Jade H
Jade H 3 vjet më parë
that moment when i rewatch this and realize i know exactly where they are in Idaho :)
Stephaniie Claiire
Stephaniie Claiire 3 vjet më parë
Lmao I live in utah 😂
Mohamed Loghmari
Mohamed Loghmari 3 vjet më parë
Utah where my brother lives
whamsisco 4 vjet më parë
Marielle Monarres
Marielle Monarres 4 vjet më parë
he is litterly living my lifr
TheStoneMullet 4 vjet më parë
I was in salt lake city 5 months ago
puppylover99100 4 vjet më parë
1 and a half years later, i came to apologize on behalf of everyone for being so fucking loud and pushy. it was really ugly. but to this day i still get so happy when i see jc hanging up the cloud i gave him💗
Giovani12 Martinez
Giovani12 Martinez 4 vjet më parë
Jellybean Tv
Jellybean Tv 4 vjet më parë
the cringe when a girl rubbed his hair
Taia Goodridge
Taia Goodridge 4 vjet më parë
beautiful boy 😍
Macy mitton
Macy mitton 4 vjet më parë
Jc please come to logan utah I really want to meet you. 😛😜☺
Isabelle 4 vjet më parë
I'm watching in 2k16 and I miss Jc so much like I love Jc now but I sometimes like really miss this Jc and wish we could see him more and he would post more😔😔
Ny Burt
Ny Burt 4 vjet më parë
Jada Jayy
Jada Jayy 4 vjet më parë
0:51 KIAN AND JC in chill mode
Jada Jayy
Jada Jayy 4 vjet më parë
wait that wasnt kian that was JJ...WHERES KIAN
Gomey 4 vjet më parë
What is the color correction he uses!!
Daniella Bullo
Daniella Bullo 4 vjet më parë
Holy crap all those screaming girls attacking him makes me want to hang myself. Like give him some space my lord
Im_ Me
Im_ Me 4 vjet më parë
Lesson learned don't go to Utah you will be attacked and mauled LMFAO
Georgia 4 vjet më parë
whats the second song called ?
sade 4 vjet më parë
i live in utah.. where tf was i..?
Ally Catt
Ally Catt 4 vjet më parë
i would lose my shit if i saw jc ✌
Lil Eagle
Lil Eagle 4 vjet më parë
I was there 😍 but unfortunately I didn't meet Jc because it was too crowded, after people took a picture they just stood there and didn't let anyone through. It was too dark and I had to go home. Sad but I met him once before so Das good lol.
Lil Eagle
Lil Eagle 4 vjet më parë
And Jc went to the town I live nearby, Twin Falls, but I didn't know lol so I could've met him at the gas station he was at. Also sad
kalie everard
kalie everard 4 vjet më parë
when everyone started screaming "we love JC" my eyes started tearing up because i can still remember his first video.
Ki Manning
Ki Manning 4 vjet më parë
His music game is on point
Aaron Huntley
Aaron Huntley 4 vjet më parë
Go checkout my newest video on my ALpost channel!! Go subscribe to me for original content and some creative shit xo thanks
alaza r
alaza r 4 vjet më parë
when you find out JC was in salt lake😱 and thats where u live😁 JC come back
Hobii 4 vjet më parë
He was in salt lake at the same time as me omfg
Nicole Vargas
Nicole Vargas 4 vjet më parë
Where was kian ?
AliciaRogel9812 a
AliciaRogel9812 a 4 vjet më parë
I saw me 3 times in the video!!!😍😱😭 I miss you so much Jc I love you so much!!!😭❤️
Zariah Bias
Zariah Bias 4 vjet më parë
OMG I MADE A CLOUD LIKE THAT TO, but I got mine from Ihascupquake 😁
Anicia 4 vjet më parë
Charity Campbell
Charity Campbell 4 vjet më parë
nini 4 vjet më parë
I cry
Kaylee S.
Kaylee S. 4 vjet më parë
So sad I didn't know you were in Utah a while ago .-.
Casey P
Casey P 4 vjet më parë
Was that Louis Cole at 1:23 ?
Jhett Scott
Jhett Scott 4 vjet më parë
hunter 4 vjet më parë
Brooke, you're the one. I honestly just want you to be a part of me... You probably don't notice me that often. But every single night when I lay in my bed, I think about you... You keep me alive, every single morning I wake up and the first things to pop into my head is you... You're honestly perfect... Your body... Your laugh... Your personality.... Just fucking everything about you... I'm crying right now.... You keep me living❤️
Mountaingirl02 4 vjet më parë
I saw this and I was like wait what he was in slc and I didn't get to see him. Then I realized it was a year ago
Sammi Plante
Sammi Plante 4 vjet më parë
About time
kaitlynn p.
kaitlynn p. 4 vjet më parë
fuck you JC. no one ever comes to Utah, and I missed it
Sarah Stevens
Sarah Stevens 4 vjet më parë
Does anybody know what the skateboards they were using are called?
Jessica Joy
Jessica Joy 4 vjet më parë
Who else agrees that kian and Jc should make a documentary?
Jackee 4 vjet më parë
I remember I was so mad that day cause all my friends met JC and I live almost an hour away from Salt Lake so I couldn't go.... then my friends rubbed it in my face for days... lol but JC you took forever to upload this!!!!
becki trbl
becki trbl 4 vjet më parë
ya know I cried watching this bc this makes me think that all these wonderful ppl can go and see jc but I'm happy bc ik in the future I'll run into him and see him ... hopefully •﹏•😀😄
Ella Wilson
Ella Wilson 4 vjet më parë
Kevin Sikorski
Kevin Sikorski 4 vjet më parë
I wanna go on a road trip like this with my friends in the summer!!
joy 4 vjet më parë
more like 1209 years on the road...
Lindsey Jones
Lindsey Jones 4 vjet më parë
Was Dom smoking weed at :35
Amudo 4 vjet më parë
sydney 4 vjet më parë
what does Jc use to edit his videos?
Renee Pilon
Renee Pilon 4 vjet më parë
Can tell me what song is playing at 2:10?
IssaSheriThing 4 vjet më parë
well shit. I knew he came to Utah because of his snapchat and I recognized arches. no idea he was coming/was in SLC. now I know what all that commotion at the park was hahaha. drove by while bar hopping. 😂😂
UnderStandinU2 4 vjet më parë
Cassie Gull
Cassie Gull 4 vjet më parë
I'm gonna cry. I live in Utah and when I heard you guys weren't coming here I was so sad AND THEN YOU CAME AND I DIDNT EVEN GET TO SEE YOU. UGH
boo we
boo we 4 vjet më parë
i know this crazy but last night i had a dream jc was shaving my legs
Stephanie Berumen
Stephanie Berumen 4 vjet më parë
First song is On & On by Jordan Lee & Crayon.
Jessica Sevilla
Jessica Sevilla 4 vjet më parë
Please tell me what this song is. I only want this song and I don't want to spend 14.99 for the song on the album.😭
Tori Hart
Tori Hart 4 vjet më parë
I am j.c's #1 fan. I love j.c so so so much. He is so adorable. He is so sweet and funny. I love him with all my heart.
ana dichiera
ana dichiera 4 vjet më parë
i literally get so emotional watching people meet kian and jc let alone just them so i cant imagine how i will be when i actually meet them 😁😭
Mattison Foglietta
Mattison Foglietta 4 vjet më parë
Awe I live in salt lake 😊
Briyanna Jones
Briyanna Jones 4 vjet më parë
can i go on tour with you guys???
Chloe Calder
Chloe Calder 4 vjet më parë
My home :) wish I could of met you!
Kat Mendes
Kat Mendes 4 vjet më parë
DAY 5? You mean 365 bc where has this been
yoselin velasquez
yoselin velasquez 4 vjet më parë
Kianandjc_ Fangirl
Kianandjc_ Fangirl 4 vjet më parë
the first is crayon- on & on feat jordan lee and WHAT SO NOT & GANZ - lone Ft JOY is the last
Laure 4 vjet më parë
what progrma does he use to editttt
Stacey Paterson
Stacey Paterson 4 vjet më parë
Damn longest week ever seemed like months ago they hit the road but it was actually 5 days ago
colyne 4 vjet më parë
I had to re-watch the old videos lol it's been so long
Keely N
Keely N 4 vjet më parë
Jc looks so good in green!
Dalia Embry
Dalia Embry 4 vjet më parë
katie s
katie s 4 vjet më parë
salt lake is the best place ever
Mindy Angel
Mindy Angel 4 vjet më parë
I find Dom so beautiful.
HighOnLife 4 vjet më parë
lol some fan girls need chill
Samantha Hein
Samantha Hein 4 vjet më parë
hey, it's pj's cloud light :-)
Lizzie Penson
Lizzie Penson 4 vjet më parë
JC i know you re-used footage from day 4!!!!!!!!
steph 4 vjet më parë
these are a little late
brianna overturf
brianna overturf 4 vjet më parë
best day ever man
Mikayla Mendez
Mikayla Mendez 4 vjet më parë
Does anyone know the second song? I absolutely fell in love with it ❤
Libby Is My Name
Libby Is My Name 4 vjet më parë
I should've searched for him cuz I live there
Harmony J
Harmony J 4 vjet më parë
I felt bad when he opened the door and all those people were standing there like you trying to get hit by the door? Back Tf up and give him some space oh my god
Melody Bro
Melody Bro 4 vjet më parë
I saw the thumbnail and thought this would be a super good video. I wish I could subscribe so many more times than just one~Melodystyler
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 4 vjet më parë
I live in Wyoming I wish he could've came here !! 😩
alondra 4 vjet më parë
My dad lives in Utah I live in California I could of gone
Gabrielle Taylor
Gabrielle Taylor 4 vjet më parë
Come to Rochester
Adrie Cumming
Adrie Cumming 4 vjet më parë
I live in Salt Lake City Utah! I wish I could've met tou
Daushae Corley
Daushae Corley 4 vjet më parë
One year later...great jc
Felipe Baccelli
Felipe Baccelli 4 vjet më parë
Where is kian duuuuuuuud
Savannah Moreno
Savannah Moreno 4 vjet më parë
Where's kian?
Adrian Hipp
Adrian Hipp 4 vjet më parë
Why does Jc have to be perfect?
Alex M_
Alex M_ 4 vjet më parë
The pig😂😂😂
Becca M
Becca M 4 vjet më parë
Yay I'm from Idaho 😜 hope you enjoyed the parts you saw. 💗
Ally 4 vjet më parë
Yes so glad u posted the rest. U have been on the road for like a year now 😂
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 4 vjet më parë
Did you by chance stop in victor, ID? That's where I live🙋🏼
Matt 4 vjet më parë
Jc it's about time !! Haha
Sofia McIndoo
Sofia McIndoo 4 vjet më parë
came down here to see salty things people were writing about how long it took him to upload this😂
Mika 4 vjet më parë
wait... y'all came to Utah and I didn't know?!?
louise thushari
louise thushari 4 vjet më parë
what is the name of the song?
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