Meet The Team || DAY 1

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Jc Caylen

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Let's get this video to 75,000 likes :)
Next Stop - Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Day 2 coming soon.
Thanks for the support & for watching!
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Madison Floros
Madison Floros 5 muaj më parë
do you know Daniel Seavey and Christian Seavey
Tyler Blake
Tyler Blake Vit më parë
“i’m 21 but if i shave i’m 18”
Angel Mora
Angel Mora Vit më parë
I live in Oregon anyone 2019
Kylie Jesso
Kylie Jesso 2 vjet më parë
am i the only one that still rewatches these?😂💞
Mea Jonez
Mea Jonez 2 vjet më parë
Jennifer Cortes
Jennifer Cortes 2 vjet më parë
2:00 the song Sunset Lover ❤❤
jennifer Petrivelli
jennifer Petrivelli 2 vjet më parë
i Mean Meet The Team Day 1 Oops Sorry About The :(
jennifer Petrivelli
jennifer Petrivelli 2 vjet më parë
Hi its me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Jc Caylen And i Hope You Jc Caylen Have A Great Day And i Know The Feeling i Want To Something Fun in My Life To :) And How Are You Doing Jc Caylen And i Give Your Video About Meet The Team A Thumbs Up And i Comment To Your Video About Meet The Team And i Subscribe To Your Channel is Jc Caylen And i Hope You Jc Caylen Have Amazing Day ;) Bye For Now From Me Jennifer
Danielle Mitchell
Danielle Mitchell 2 vjet më parë
I would love to do this
kathy delgado
kathy delgado 3 vjet më parë
This is where I got sunset lover from not the Dolan twins, if anything the Dolan twins got it from Jc and now apparently sunset lover is the fandoms anthem
Bethany Gonzales
Bethany Gonzales 3 vjet më parë
what is the song called at 2:09
Sabrina Santiago
Sabrina Santiago 3 vjet më parë
Louis is my life 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭💟
Rosalie Marcotte
Rosalie Marcotte 3 vjet më parë
i want so much to make a roadtrip with jc omg it's my dream
lola willis
lola willis 3 vjet më parë
this makes me so happy
kaia jordan
kaia jordan 3 vjet më parë
What's the song at 3:20?
Elwood P. Dowd
Elwood P. Dowd 3 vjet më parë
did JC used to be pretty awkward?
TheDreadUndead 4 vjet më parë
This seems like a movie
Katy T
Katy T 4 vjet më parë
It's not that I don't like Joseph but Vitaly should've been on this trip instead of him
Wikki Bubbles
Wikki Bubbles 4 vjet më parë
Idk why but I was afraid of watching this before but now I think this video made me Love Jc even more than I already do if that's possible btw Dom is cute af
Bray Stiens
Bray Stiens 4 vjet më parë
These comments are the dumbest shit on the internet. A bunch of teen girls chasing creators around? Yea sounds like any meet up let alone VidCon. This isn't like this is something unexpected or uncommon. As for the music it's again VidCon a huge ass gathering of creators and viewers where everyone parties nightly. Yall are complaining about Jc when that is just what VidCon is.
SamAndAlex 4 vjet më parë
Dom reminds me of a tiny meatball from Italy
Jada Jayy
Jada Jayy 4 vjet më parë
wheres kiann
Georgia 4 vjet më parë
song ?
X-TRME TV 4 vjet më parë
Who would dislike....
Chrissy Emoni
Chrissy Emoni 4 vjet më parë
jj reminds me of davidpoardy
Janelle Harris
Janelle Harris 4 vjet më parë
I really want to know what these songs r called
Live Life
Live Life 4 vjet më parë
I love it
lily Molkara
lily Molkara 4 vjet më parë
whats the remix for the firsttt songggg
Vianey Rivera
Vianey Rivera 4 vjet më parë
Love you Jc❤️😏
heart lys
heart lys 4 vjet më parë
Dom- "I'm 21 years old, but if I shave I'm 18"😂
KenmaPudding 4 vjet më parë
what is the song at 2:18??
Emanuelle Deckers
Emanuelle Deckers 4 vjet më parë
sunset lover - petit biscuit
Unique 4 vjet më parë
What kind of programm do they use for the slowmotion scenes? Because my edit programm can't do it , like it's not thaat clean.
Jadyn Brackins
Jadyn Brackins 4 vjet më parë
Literally in love with jc
ItsJustRissy 4 vjet më parë
Did the Ross stampede video get taken down or can someone link me? 😅
eggo 4 vjet më parë
Honestly, LOVED the vid, but when I scroll in the comment section, I see ppl saying that name "ROSS" and im kinda like..."who the fvck is ross??". So, can somebody please, kindly inform me....WHO THE HELL IS ROSS?
Amber Sabath
Amber Sabath 4 vjet më parë
What's the song at 2:17 ?
Nuala Tranter
Nuala Tranter 4 vjet më parë
Did ya use iMovie, final cut pro or what??
Alex Reekie
Alex Reekie 4 vjet më parë
Does anyone know what camera they used to film this???
Adriana Isabel
Adriana Isabel 4 vjet më parë
what camera did he use for this video?
Vizzy King
Vizzy King 4 vjet më parë
they went to Oregon...... I too live in Oregon.
Clara Tipsmark
Clara Tipsmark 4 vjet më parë
song at 2:00? :DDD btw awesome job JC!
Ilybee 4 vjet më parë
Awesome job murdering Ross from Gamegrumps! Also, you need to turn your music down at night, m8
Clara Tipsmark
Clara Tipsmark 4 vjet më parë
thanks :DD
Breanna Fredette
Breanna Fredette 4 vjet më parë
Wait is the song at 2:22
Emanuelle Deckers
Emanuelle Deckers 4 vjet më parë
sunset lover - petit biscuit
Mia.Cassar 4 vjet më parë
Where's kian ??? 🤗😊
Kaelynne Couzens
Kaelynne Couzens 4 vjet më parë
what's with the Ross thing, geez can everyone just freakin not get their undies in a knot god sake!!
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 4 vjet më parë
I love louis so much like I don't Stan him, I probably should subscribe to him, but I've always had so much respect and love for him he seems like such a sweet and genuine guy
Kristin Landers
Kristin Landers 4 vjet më parë
lol you actually look like a light skinned black person.
Kristin Landers
Kristin Landers 4 vjet më parë
sometimes I can't watch Shane's old videos, because he is so offensive.
Abby Henning
Abby Henning 4 vjet më parë
I found that the name of the song that is around 2:00, its called petite biscuit by sunset lovers
Julie Akselsen
Julie Akselsen 4 vjet më parë
Melanie Lynn
Melanie Lynn 4 vjet më parë
this experience you filmed was beautiful 💕
Angel Cobain
Angel Cobain 4 vjet më parë
I wonder why kian didn't go? Does anyone know, comment
Jurgen Kok
Jurgen Kok 4 vjet më parë
He was on set for a movie.
Miriah Harkness
Miriah Harkness 4 vjet më parë
You are living the life I dreamed of my whole teenage life. Sucks it feels like it's too late now.
emilie odden
emilie odden 4 vjet më parë
Omg louis🙈🙌🏽
Jessica S
Jessica S 4 vjet më parë
I'm just reading through some of these comments about preteen stampedes, blasting music, and neighbors being annoyed. I have no idea what's going on, I just wanted to figure out what is the second song...
Madeline.A. 4 vjet më parë
Dani Carmen
Dani Carmen 4 vjet më parë
I love U JC ❤️
Bailey Noble
Bailey Noble 4 vjet më parë
what is that remix in the video called
Yojideh Atherton
Yojideh Atherton 4 vjet më parë
can someone explain to me why jc is receiving so much hate I know I'm late but I also very confused
Katie Cherichello
Katie Cherichello 4 vjet më parë
The Wombats 😍
Maggie Joy Weddle
Maggie Joy Weddle 4 vjet më parë
The song at 2:25 ??
Sophia Degláns
Sophia Degláns 4 vjet më parë
Nevaeh Nichols
Nevaeh Nichols 4 vjet më parë
What was the second song that played?
april welch
april welch 4 vjet më parë
I miss o2l and u and kian posting almost every week
Abigail Hartshorn
Abigail Hartshorn 5 vjet më parë
I want to do that so badly 😭
guste matonyte
guste matonyte 5 vjet më parë
i don't get it, what part did ross almost got killed? all i see in the comments is u shouls apologize u almost killed ross. what?!
Emily Vires
Emily Vires 5 vjet më parë
Idk what happens with Ross, but I'm sure Jc did apologize, just on camera. A