Smack Dat Ass

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Jc Caylen

4 vjet më parë

Made a vid w trevvy :)
& anotha one *dj khaled voice* on his channel
this iz me
snapchat - chamclouder

Arabella516 3 muaj më parë
I wut to meryou Jc caylen
Adrienne Hyde
Adrienne Hyde Vit më parë
I love how you can do literally nothing and Wishbone will freak out but you literally hurt JC and he doesn’t care
Brunette Designs
Brunette Designs 2 vjet më parë
Guys, I think my brain fritzed out when JC went all-fours, ass-up. X-)
Karri Murton
Karri Murton 2 vjet më parë
I love how i saw both jc and trevor’s ass 😂😂
Kaitlyn Grace
Kaitlyn Grace 2 vjet më parë
Ok so i was watching this with my 11 year old sis and she went ooooh i saw trevors aaaaasssss
Nevaeh Family
Nevaeh Family 2 vjet më parë
when u smack her butt it was 😂😂😂😅😅😆😆😺😸😹🙈🙉🙊🙊🙊
it's Shelby Tho
it's Shelby Tho 3 vjet më parë
Why the hell is this age restricted does ALpost think there doing it sexually 😂
Tiyah J
Tiyah J 3 vjet më parë
Rip headphones
Ashley And beyond
Ashley And beyond 3 vjet më parë
Loved seeing Trevor getting spanked, and his underwear and bare ass!!! 😳😵😱😍😋😛😜💋💋❤️❤️❤️
Megan Hermann
Megan Hermann 3 vjet më parë
Faith Hadnn
Faith Hadnn 3 vjet më parë
"Age Restricted"
arri jackson
arri jackson 3 vjet më parë
Woah kian looks different here🌀🌀
Maddi Mensch
Maddi Mensch 3 vjet më parë
I love going back and having a marathon of Jcs and all of O2L's videos
Hola Reiley
Hola Reiley 3 vjet më parë
Trevor with his freaking inhailer😂😂
Maxs Maxs
Maxs Maxs 3 vjet më parë
Haha LIKED👍🏻
jaydyn jackson
jaydyn jackson 3 vjet më parë
Fuck jj 😾
Kathryn Lorraine
Kathryn Lorraine 3 vjet më parë
Has anyone else noticed that whenever Trevor colabs with jc he is always touching him and then when they do a video with the other guys he always sits by jc and is always messing with jc.... I find it cute I mean I get jc is straight but If he was gay or bi then I would ship it .... plus Trevor is not as crazy with jc... lol he is still crazy just not as much ... Like if you agree
Malaysia Seastrunk
Malaysia Seastrunk 3 vjet më parë
Why do I kinda ship them ?
Angelica Diaz
Angelica Diaz 3 vjet më parë
Lmao when he screams 😂😭😭💀👌 priceless
Emma Schott
Emma Schott 3 vjet më parë
trevor moran has a girl scream
Christina Elizabeth
Christina Elizabeth 3 vjet më parë
Precious Dunbar
Precious Dunbar 3 vjet më parë
"That was a big ass butt" LMAOOOOO
Katelynn Abernathy
Katelynn Abernathy 3 vjet më parë
I love how it got age restricted 😂
Cute kitty 63
Cute kitty 63 3 vjet më parë
RIP headphone 🎧 users
wmsingerchicky 3 vjet më parë
He is a child so is it ok that his ass is on the internet? Just curious?
Lydia Sloane
Lydia Sloane 3 vjet më parë
"Not too fart, not too fat, not too hard" I'm dead 😂 😂
Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez 3 vjet më parë
*Brings out inhaler* Jc: are you okay? 😂😂😂😂awww
Bow Tie Boy
Bow Tie Boy 3 vjet më parë
Butts 3 vjet më parë
JC looks baked as hell. lol
Kateri Gustafson
Kateri Gustafson 3 vjet më parë
so funny😀
Shelby Witt
Shelby Witt 3 vjet më parë
I love how Trevor just straight up pulls his underwear down 😂
Shelby Witt
Shelby Witt 3 vjet më parë
I love that this got age restricted 😂
maddy Lynn bales
maddy Lynn bales 3 vjet më parë
Wow 😳
kinda over it
kinda over it 3 vjet më parë
"I need my inhaler" Trevor's me
Alma Montoya
Alma Montoya 3 vjet më parë
thats gay
weather it changes 334
weather it changes 334 3 vjet më parë
this just says am at dat ass
Andrea Tolbert
Andrea Tolbert 3 vjet më parë
4:33 is kinky
Julie Ledesma
Julie Ledesma 3 vjet më parë
he dosent post anymore he post like 1 time a year i feels like
logan 3 vjet më parë
trever is so smol and child
Emily 3 vjet më parë
Jc with all black hair got me feeling some type of way 😍😍
Marlee1164 3 vjet më parë
*jc tries to touch da booty Trevor:dude no jc: dude genie rub it get more wishes
Mutombo 3 vjet më parë
Is that a dude or girl?
Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore 3 vjet më parë
got damn
Jacinda J
Jacinda J 3 vjet më parë
PHANIC! At the Disco
PHANIC! At the Disco 3 vjet më parë
Why the fuck is this age restricted 😂😂
Demetrius Harden
Demetrius Harden 3 vjet më parë
the heck
H H 3 vjet më parë
Tell me if Ricky is gay
Samantha Farnsworth
Samantha Farnsworth 3 vjet më parë
Kayla Hernandez Ricky is asexual
Jena Wheeler
Jena Wheeler 3 vjet më parë
nice ass Jc, by the way he spanks uggh.
CA Mullins
CA Mullins 3 vjet më parë
I saw the title and thought "that some kinky shit"
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer 3 vjet më parë
I keepokeepo watching the ass hit over and over! Jc legit smacked the shit out of his ass!
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer 3 vjet më parë
bro I had headphones in. I'm dead trevor
Zoë Palmer
Zoë Palmer 3 vjet më parë
Haha you got aged restricted omg
Jay Love
Jay Love 3 vjet më parë
Jc has pretty eyes too💖
Jay Love
Jay Love 3 vjet më parë
Trevor has such an awesome smile and his eyes are beautiful
Jay Love
Jay Love 3 vjet më parë
Lol 💖trevor
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright 3 vjet më parë
Whatever happened to JJ??
Tianna Martin
Tianna Martin 3 vjet më parë
I love trevor and jc🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Jordin Spooner
Jordin Spooner 3 vjet më parë
ualls sould date
TheAzierahani 3 vjet më parë
Omg at 2:33 when jc's elbow hit wishbone 😂poor dogge
Jayne Angelina Skye
Jayne Angelina Skye 3 vjet më parë
jc seems much more comfortable wit trevor than kian is i like there videos its cute
Jadyn Jones
Jadyn Jones 3 vjet më parë
What ass
Rica Camu
Rica Camu 3 vjet më parë
Whenever Trevor screams #ripEardrums 😵😹😹
Jess Tarriero
Jess Tarriero 3 vjet më parë
Too bad none of those celebs have real talent and they're all fake.
gigigillz 3 vjet më parë
youtube couldn't handle Trevor's booty
Miles Day
Miles Day 3 vjet më parë
DVD Ah ug
Animelover 2222
Animelover 2222 3 vjet më parë
So funny😂😂
neighborly toad :-]
neighborly toad :-] 3 vjet më parë
Rip headphone users (thanks Trevor)
Nicole Lacy
Nicole Lacy 3 vjet më parë
RIP headphone users☠️
Ash C
Ash C 3 vjet më parë
Trevor's booty doe.
iixmmiv D
iixmmiv D 3 vjet më parë
Dat ass dou
iixmmiv D
iixmmiv D 3 vjet më parë
I love u guys
Ayden 3 vjet më parë
The Ending Part Was Funny Trevor Almost Died LOL
Noah James
Noah James 3 vjet më parë
that looked like it hurt
Petty Pay
Petty Pay 3 vjet më parë
i love this xDD
s,h s.h
s,h s.h 3 vjet më parë
grayion it's ok to be different
grayion it's ok to be different 3 vjet më parë
what the hell did I just whach
jasminka 3 vjet më parë
The sad thing is that Trevor is like 17 right? And it got age restricted for 18 hahhahaha
Allegra Tombolini
Allegra Tombolini 3 vjet më parë
I know you won't see this but ily❤❤❤❤
KayleighLeanne 3 vjet më parë
Wishbone ❤️
Lana Dawson
Lana Dawson 3 vjet më parë
Who age restricted this😂😂😂🤣
Lisi Lemons
Lisi Lemons 3 vjet më parë
jovi will
jovi will 3 vjet më parë
beamingcaylen 3 vjet më parë
beamingcaylen 3 vjet më parë
Why does jc look high
Tammy Howse
Tammy Howse 3 vjet më parë
I horizontal Krishna JJ
Dylan Willis
Dylan Willis 3 vjet më parë
is Trever gay
Ari Celeste
Ari Celeste 3 vjet më parë
Dylan Willis yes can you not tell
Hanna Hope
Hanna Hope 3 vjet më parë
when Trevor got his ass smacked that was me when I got an ass whopping​ when I was little
I DREWZY 3 vjet më parë
whoever reported this video for inappropriate they are Fucking gay
Kim B
Kim B 3 vjet më parë
love trevors ass
Emily 3 vjet më parë
Jc hit that dog in the face so many times 😂
Kiara Arsenty
Kiara Arsenty 3 vjet më parë
Why is this vid age-restricted? I can't watch it anymore :(
Amber Rogers
Amber Rogers 3 vjet më parë
that ass tho 😍😍🔥🔥💯💯☺😜😜
Lacey Days
Lacey Days 3 vjet më parë
Trevor's screams scared the shit out of me
ranch_nutella_tillyandtroyeboyBBC 3 vjet më parë
this is some kinky does Trevor know his asses so well???
Molly Landless
Molly Landless 3 vjet më parë
Jc looks proper fit on this ( well he does anyway ) Xx
Vivian B
Vivian B 3 vjet më parë
Why is Trevor so pretty I'm like low key jealous😂
Taniya T.
Taniya T. 3 vjet më parë
Vivian B we all should but I'm high-key jealous
Juana Castro
Juana Castro 3 vjet më parë
How come I never new about this video until now that is literally the next they is New Years 2017 but it was Hella funny it's literally 2:56am and I almost laughed so loud and my mom is literally next door
Holly Hess
Holly Hess 3 vjet më parë
That scream tho
Derb Kitten Girl
Derb Kitten Girl 3 vjet më parë
When Trevor got the butt one he screamed like he was getting raped
Latrael 3 vjet më parë
anybody should know the kardashians ass
L C 3 vjet më parë
rip headphones when trevor screams
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