RV Breaks Down || DAY 0

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Jc Caylen

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We had a minor setback yesterday...the RV we were going to take on the trip stopped working abruptly.
Luckily, we got ourselves an upgrade. ;)
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More to come, see you tomorrow ;)

Lauren Vit më parë
At the start Jc is probably instantly regretting inviting Dom lol 😂
abby a
abby a Vit më parë
do another series like this!!!
Hayes Austen
Hayes Austen 2 vjet më parë
song in the beginning?
Lexi King
Lexi King 3 vjet më parë
And its 1:33 am and I'm watching your videos. Why is this not a surprise.
Olivia Nama
Olivia Nama 3 vjet më parë
"We can make lasagnas" HAHAHA
Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis 3 vjet më parë
Out of the old in to the new lol
Purebblood 3 vjet më parë
"I'm so fucking hungover, and have no idea what's going" Yeah same
Purebblood 3 vjet më parë
This is like a tv show
franci stallings
franci stallings 4 vjet më parë
"it smells like a car dom its not going to smell like victoria secret" lmao
SamAndAlex 4 vjet më parë
I re-watch this series like every week..
unique 4 vjet më parë
2016 watching agian lol lowkey can just live in there
Hailey Numkirk
Hailey Numkirk 4 vjet më parë
I laughed so hard when Dom said "this shit is from like 1978" & I'm still laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
Destiny Garcia
Destiny Garcia 4 vjet më parë
at 2:50 what is the name of the background music
ivory clarke
ivory clarke 4 vjet më parë
It was so funny when they were so excited... and then the car didn't start. HAHA :p
heart lys
heart lys 4 vjet më parë
"It feels like a Bill Cosby show" - jc 😂😂😂
heart lys
heart lys 4 vjet më parë
When I was watching this it felt like a show or something 😂 but Dom though "this thing is from like 1978"😂👌🏻
ashley flores
ashley flores 4 vjet më parë
Filippo Parigi
Filippo Parigi 4 vjet më parë
r. jai
r. jai 4 vjet më parë
the amount of people commenting "omg when jc said "its a car dom, it doesn't smell like victorias secret" is ridiculous.
AyoocarlosxD 4 vjet më parë
I live so close to that rv rental
AyoocarlosxD 4 vjet më parë
I live so close to that rv rental 😩
AyoocarlosxD 4 vjet më parë
I live so close to that rv rental 😩😩😩
AyoocarlosxD 4 vjet më parë
I live so close to that rv rental 😩😩😩
Hannah Pulido
Hannah Pulido 4 vjet më parë
I love you so much
Hannah Pulido
Hannah Pulido 4 vjet më parë
I literally wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you. 😞
Hannah Pulido
Hannah Pulido 4 vjet më parë
I literally wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you. 😞
1 Million Subs With One Vid?
1 Million Subs With One Vid? 4 vjet më parë
Is that save dat money in the background ? At the ending
Ruby Sagat
Ruby Sagat 5 vjet më parë
where's kain 😵😵
Bryy Scola
Bryy Scola 5 vjet më parë
JC please come to PA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Bry
JulesU.G.L.Y. 5 vjet më parë
What are your top favorite colors
rj .
rj . 5 vjet më parë
what's the song at the beginning?
Alli Rebecca
Alli Rebecca 5 vjet më parë
Yo I'm from Missouri too. Go MU🐯
soulsx 5 vjet më parë
Should do it for a monthhh
Olivia Imhoff
Olivia Imhoff 5 vjet më parë
Woah I just found this page that is for JC fans only and is talking about his "army" there Instagram and vine is @caylens.cloud.army
Zach Myers
Zach Myers 5 vjet më parë
Why don't you fix the other damn rv wat the fuck
Angie Crisanto
Angie Crisanto 5 vjet më parë
Dom: I knew this shit would happen this thing is from 1978 LMAO!!
Bailee Mathis
Bailee Mathis 5 vjet më parë
Love you Jc!!!
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis 5 vjet më parë
Grapes 5 vjet më parë
how to hell dare you almost kill ross
Patty F
Patty F 5 vjet më parë
JC, you live next to an actual celebrity (Levar Burton) and blast your music, that's not very respectful. Also, your mufasa stampede almost killed Ross
DJ Sykes
DJ Sykes 5 vjet më parë
Jc never makes me bored while watching a video, even when I watch it again its like im watching for the first time
Jordan Schak
Jordan Schak 5 vjet më parë
wanderlust_jc is my Twitter name. I'm pretty sure I was top 20 so just in case you wanna follow me❤️❤️
Grace kelleman
Grace kelleman 5 vjet më parë
Reema Rayhan
Reema Rayhan 5 vjet më parë
Where is Kian?
Nikki Fowers
Nikki Fowers 5 vjet më parë
JC!! I want to meet you so bad! But I can't! I don't live near you and no one famous from ALpost lives where I live (Utah) so I hope one day I can meet you love ya jc❤️✌️
artrbl 5 vjet më parë
omg im from missouri to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Fuentes
Stephanie Fuentes 5 vjet më parë
Wait who was recording if their were four in the rv
carrington epting
carrington epting 5 vjet më parë
Is JC wearing ear rings
Salina Zhang
Salina Zhang 5 vjet më parë
cutegirlythings91100 5 vjet më parë
What about kian?
autumn alexander
autumn alexander 5 vjet më parë
JC you need to go to Newport, Oregon on thursday at the whalers rest resort.
i am awesome 101
i am awesome 101 5 vjet më parë
it smells weird dosent it ? jc answers it smells like a car not victoria secret lmao i died
Megan Basco
Megan Basco 5 vjet më parë
Emily Simmons
Emily Simmons 5 vjet më parë
I have the second rv in the background
Jessa Blackford
Jessa Blackford 5 vjet më parë
"it smells like a car Dom it's not gonna smell like a fucking Victoria secret" 😂👌🏻👌🏻
Ana Lazaro
Ana Lazaro 5 vjet më parë
"I just feel so fucking hung over" my idol
Chescax33 5 vjet më parë
" this thing is from 1978 😂😂
Hannah Namenson.
Hannah Namenson. 5 vjet më parë
Hi guys i'm a new youtuber i haven't posted anything yet but i'm just getting started and hoping to make my dream come true of finally taking off or even just having a few anything is good, so subscribe please and if when i start posting videos you want to unsubscribe go ahead but i promise you won't be dissapointed(: ( New videos every friday&Saturday)
nicole acevedo
nicole acevedo 5 vjet më parë
Add me on snapchat Jc it's nikkieA17
tatertot16 5 vjet më parë
so jc's the one that puts the fart noises at the end of the kian&jc videos😂
sabrina barrientos
sabrina barrientos 5 vjet më parë
Alice Goggin
Alice Goggin 5 vjet më parë
FOLLOW ME JC ❤️ @Alice_Goggin
Amy Ambriz
Amy Ambriz 5 vjet më parë
El monte, california is where i leave
nnaewolc ._
nnaewolc ._ 5 vjet më parë
giraffesass 5 vjet më parë
Emily B.
Emily B. 5 vjet më parë
Angie Rodriguez
Angie Rodriguez 5 vjet më parë
Follow me plz @angieluvzjc
Shamma AL Mazrouei
Shamma AL Mazrouei 5 vjet më parë
were are the the other days on the road
Joseph LS
Joseph LS 5 vjet më parë
is it just me but i cant find your other 7 days on the road videos ???? #7DaysOnTheRoad
Hannah Macias
Hannah Macias 5 vjet më parë
Dom: dude it smells Jc: it's a car Dom, it's not gonna smell like Victoria's Secret I laughed so hard😂😂
Paris Rogers
Paris Rogers 5 vjet më parë
next week
Sammie.M 5 vjet më parë
Why is there only 1 video? And it was uploaded a month ago yet it's called "7daysontheroad" yet it's been a month... I'm not trying to complain or anything I'm just confused lol:) x
DNA 5 vjet më parë
Does anyone know when he's gonna post the next one??
Bbhjjj 5 vjet më parë
Never lol
Emily Petersen
Emily Petersen 5 vjet më parë
what happened to the rest of the seven days? i thought they were posting videos of each day!!! or aren't they... hm
Emily Petersen
Emily Petersen 5 vjet më parë
ohh thanks! @*****
Courtney 5 vjet më parë
why is louie not included??
who knows
who knows 5 vjet më parë
I'm a big jc fan but he's taking the piss with how long he's taking to upload things now
Zoe DeYoung
Zoe DeYoung 5 vjet më parë
Who are these people with jc 😂 HELP ME I WANNA KNOW
Chloe Acuna
Chloe Acuna 5 vjet më parë
I'm so fucking hung over I don't even know what's happing.😂😂
emmacraig 22
emmacraig 22 5 vjet më parë
It's a car from o s not gonna smell like Victoria secret😂😂
vanessa love
vanessa love 5 vjet më parë
Y isnt jc posting the 7 days any1 please answer this
gabbie beaulieu
gabbie beaulieu 5 vjet më parë
Whoever filmed this is really good.. It kinda looks like a tv show..
Shelby Blair
Shelby Blair 5 vjet më parë
1 month later still no sign of 7 days on the road
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz 5 vjet më parë
I'm waiting for the gallows video...
Karla M
Karla M 5 vjet më parë
Karen Dela Rosa
Karen Dela Rosa 5 vjet më parë
The gallows scare test where is the video!
Breana G
Breana G 5 vjet më parë
Where is his scare test for the gallows
cam lynch
cam lynch 5 vjet më parë
"this things from like, 1978"
Andrew Parra
Andrew Parra 5 vjet më parë
J F***in C upload the damn video please already it's been 2-3 weeks since you said you would I like you and your vids and you said you needed motivation to and here it is
Meghan Cullen
Meghan Cullen 5 vjet më parë
One time I farted and a little bit came out
Brianna valle
Brianna valle 5 vjet më parë
Jc your so amazing
Abigail Mosher
Abigail Mosher 5 vjet më parë
Make more videos
AllAround 5 vjet më parë
Hey Jc. Did you go to the jacsonville beach a couple of weeks ago? Because im pretty sure i saw you laying down across from me.
DawnC 5 vjet më parë
We're back my ass. 1 month and still no new video
lenn turnt
lenn turnt 5 vjet më parë
So much for revamping the channel 😒
STAR ROXANN ANGLE 5 vjet më parë
your vids are so awesome and hilarious and inspirational as always :) i'm a fan of what you do your vids help and inspire me so much it really does being honest meeting you would make my day and just light up my world ever so much i just wanted to say thank you so here thank you so much - sincerely a fan
Katie Crace
Katie Crace 5 vjet më parë
Please check out my chanel
Dominic Ridder
Dominic Ridder 5 vjet më parë
Since you live in Texas what city because i live in austin
TheCheeser01 5 vjet më parë
you should do a video on all of your tattoos and why you got them and stuff
Mysterious Yeehaw
Mysterious Yeehaw 5 vjet më parë
Where is kian💔💔I love jc white kian👬👬
Bloves5sos 5 vjet më parë
He's filming a movie
sammie l.
sammie l. 5 vjet më parë
omg you were in el monte 😭😭😭😭 I live like 10 minutes from there I could of seen you guys 😔😔😔
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