This is what I got my girlfriend for her birthday..!!

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Here's another lil documemory I recorded about 2 hours from LA we rented out an entire cabin-feel themed hotel. We celebrated chelsey's birthday & invited all our friends, enjoy the small clips I got :)
here are my links -
i go stream & chat with you here:
i post photos here: jccaylen
i post thoughts here: jccaylen
i don't really use snapchat anymore: chamclouder

Laura Wild
Laura Wild 2 muaj më parë
i miss you corey 🕊
Haley Purata
Haley Purata 4 muaj më parë
i really pray to have someone like u jc. to b treated like a queen and have supportive friends is a dream of mine. thank u for being u
breona fung
breona fung 4 muaj më parë
i love this group of friends. they have so much fun and if my friends aren’t like this i don’t want it lol
Millie 5 muaj më parë
8:52 "don't expose me" 👀 I recognise those glassy, huge pupils Molly eyes 😂
Lea Anna Paget
Lea Anna Paget 5 muaj më parë
Is that lizaaaaaaaa and kirsten!!! There's so many great ALpostrs in this video!❤
Carmen Le
Carmen Le Vit më parë
Clone Jc...he is amazing!
Dakota Madison
Dakota Madison Vit më parë
i need to know where that’s at so i can stay in the haunted mansion:)
My birthday is December 5th wait-
Becca Beauchamp
Becca Beauchamp Vit më parë
this group of friends though wow >>>>>
GreenMochi Vit më parë
Kaylee Marie
Kaylee Marie Vit më parë
You know jc's init for the long run when he's documenting moments with Chelsey. they really in love out here.
Sandra Garza
Sandra Garza Vit më parë
Bobby’s Vlogs
Jordan Courtois
Jordan Courtois Vit më parë
plz explain this drinking game omg i need to play it
Warfare Kings
Warfare Kings Vit më parë
Tbh this looks like a movie 🍿
Mila Hoffmann
Mila Hoffmann Vit më parë
i wish Jennxpenn and him were together 🤭
Lisa Catherine
Lisa Catherine Vit më parë
... ok but how did you get that tv up there and aren’t you scared of it falling on you Loool
Staci Rosink
Staci Rosink Vit më parë
Hot air balloon ride sounds awesome
Aliana Contreras
Aliana Contreras Vit më parë
Chelsea is the cutest human ever
PATTYY L Vit më parë
That's the best group of friends ever. U can tell they're all just so humble with each other and everyone.
carlos nagelkerken
carlos nagelkerken Vit më parë
My name is carlos james and CJ for short
carly Vit më parë
the second room was beautiful w the bed in the middle, i wanna go so bad && shmoke with my boo.. that would be amazing
Aino Astrid
Aino Astrid Vit më parë
The shit quality but it's ok
Zedy Z
Zedy Z Vit më parë
Zedy Z
Zedy Z Vit më parë
Zedy Z
Zedy Z Vit më parë
Shawn S
Shawn S Vit më parë
I just found out chelsey was Beau's girlfriend
Caged MakeUp
Caged MakeUp Vit më parë
To those asking who the girl singing was it’s Kiana Ledé 💛💛
Evan Pyne
Evan Pyne Vit më parë
Bring back stay cloudy at the end of ur videos ;(
Raisinglittles Vit më parë
Where is this fucking place?! Someone please tell me
Madison Fickling
Madison Fickling Vit më parë
Chelsea’s face at the beginning when she realises the cameras rolling
keira hamalian
keira hamalian Vit më parë
Corey off the shrooms😂
Kellin Pike
Kellin Pike Vit më parë
this is so cute ):
amanserrloy 123456
amanserrloy 123456 Vit më parë
At 9:00 kians cute little stare at the girl singing and the the end being like " WhAt tHe fUucK" so aww stuck WHO IS SHEEE!!!!
L. E.
L. E. Vit më parë
lol at the Raw sticky in jc’s pocket at 1:29 😁😁😁
AyyeItsEm X
AyyeItsEm X Vit më parë
Jc is the cutest fucking bf ever 💙 like wtffffff
sarah wassinger
sarah wassinger Vit më parë
Super cute and fun 🥰
Kimberly M
Kimberly M Vit më parë
Awe you posted this on my birthday 💘
Jasmine Nammari
Jasmine Nammari Vit më parë
Does anyone know of the place they're staying at??
Brianna Ashanti
Brianna Ashanti Vit më parë
i love the video everything is cute, but the shakiness of the camera is irritating me but like i don't wanna not watch it 😂
Narda Guia
Narda Guia Vit më parë
This looks like a documentary for a scary movie 💀😂
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia Vit më parë
awe omg I want something like this
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia Vit më parë
You guys are the cutest
Abriella Olguin
Abriella Olguin Vit më parë
Bobby is me...I am Bobby
The Wilson’s
The Wilson’s Vit më parë
Why are you two JUST LIKE Jenna and Julian!! I love it ☺️☺️☺️
Ashley Acevedo
Ashley Acevedo Vit më parë
Rich LA kids be like -
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith Vit më parë
Their so cute together
sofia tsaousoglou
sofia tsaousoglou Vit më parë
Btw i love ur relationship so much guys
sofia tsaousoglou
sofia tsaousoglou Vit më parë
The song at the end??
Kendall Williams
Kendall Williams Vit më parë
I absolutely love this
Heather Feather
Heather Feather Vit më parë
This squad is 💯💯💯
Jessica Vit më parë
Why are Jc & Chelsey so freaking adorable ?
M A Vit më parë
Marissa S
Marissa S Vit më parë
I love this video sm, for some reason ❤️
Tatum Hamernik
Tatum Hamernik Vit më parë
These videos are shakier then Zane's, almost got motion sickness through some of it. Still loved it though xoxo
jujubee xo
jujubee xo Vit më parë
Can you make an update sibling tag with Jaelyn & Joe Felix!!!!!!!
Codey Pritt
Codey Pritt Vit më parë
I wanna know the rules to the game ya'll were playing!
Roadhouse Rebel
Roadhouse Rebel Vit më parë
Wow, I haven't watched JC since 2013, I'm starting to feel old and like I missed a lot. xD
beingivannia Vit më parë
i love these videos, so far i've enjoyed every single one, they're not boring AT ALL
Alexis Renaee
Alexis Renaee Vit më parë
did he just call boom cup rage cage ???
Nur Sabrina
Nur Sabrina Vit më parë
this was the cutest! i heard LANY in the background :')
Milana Vujkovic
Milana Vujkovic Vit më parë
Chelsea, you are so beautiful I can't even. My bf and I love you and JC, we are actually together for 3yrs plus few months and you two kind of remind us of our realationship. Please marry each other lol. Love you both❤
Idahlia Sosa
Idahlia Sosa Vit më parë
Awww I loved this
Lexi Martinez
Lexi Martinez Vit më parë
I love Chelsea! 😋 you two are adorable
crystal gomez
crystal gomez Vit më parë
does anyone know where those cabins are locates, i love it i need to go lol
Jordyn Bowers
Jordyn Bowers Vit më parë
9:56 “bby you look fucking great, you kidding me?”
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Vit më parë
Why’d I watch this while drunk 😭😭 now I’m crine
Riah's World
Riah's World Vit më parë
I spy with my little eye kians merch
Reem Ff
Reem Ff Vit më parë
David was there ???
lauren Vit më parë
love that they were blaring the stones omfg
lauren Vit më parë
love that they were blaring the stones omfg
sarah c
sarah c Vit më parë
people out here really in love huh
Leah French
Leah French Vit më parë
jc = boyfriend goals
Tayla Allen
Tayla Allen Vit më parë
Hey Kai Carlton.. that’s cool.
Aimee Apalategui
Aimee Apalategui Vit më parë
jc thinkin he slick like we can’t see the raws in his shirt pocket😂
Ash Robs
Ash Robs Vit më parë
So we all just going to pretend like Corey wasn’t rolling or tripin on something 😂 hahahah niiiice
grace dermon
grace dermon Vit më parë
chelsey is so freaking pretty i can’t even😍😭
Gina De Seta
Gina De Seta Vit më parë
I comment this every time I'm watching either JC, Bobby, Franny, Kian or Corey's vlogs/videos but I really fuckin WISH I had a group of friends like them.
Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Ortiz Vit më parë
Also where is this cabin ?!?! Omg
Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Ortiz Vit më parë
I love you jc awe such a good boyfriend
Brooklyn Madison
Brooklyn Madison Vit më parë
Tell my why I bout cried when they sang her a song lmao
DixieTheOsimex Vit më parë
I get dizzy with that camera moves damn
Suzanne Lgrd
Suzanne Lgrd Vit më parë
omggg i love chelsey she’s adorable
franci stallings
franci stallings Vit më parë
This is my favorite video on ALpost.
Hillary Medina
Hillary Medina Vit më parë
GAH im Dom of my friend group
Emily Vazquez
Emily Vazquez Vit më parë
Cory’s eyes
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra Vit më parë
them singing bo rhap made me so happy
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra Vit më parë
Jasmine Michel
Jasmine Michel Vit më parë
Kamie- kiggy
Kamie- kiggy Vit më parë
You guys are the cutest couple, Jc you are the cutest boyfriend to Chelsey I hope I find a boyfriend like you someday and every girl to know what its like being treated like a queen is like
GMA 15
GMA 15 Vit më parë
Hands down the cutest couple ever ❤️
natalie Vit më parë
that ping game you were playing, i think you called it rage something idk but we call it stack cup in toronto
becca perez
becca perez Vit më parë
B. Rose
B. Rose Vit më parë
Jc your camera kinda sucks
Chloe Adam
Chloe Adam Vit më parë
chelsey is gorgeous😩😍
Debsterrr Vit më parë
I screamed when I heard LANY come on lmfao🤣
Jordyn Cunningham
Jordyn Cunningham Vit më parë
Jc had them Raw cones in his pocket
Shan Vitalis
Shan Vitalis Vit më parë
What did you film the room tour on? You’re foot??? I couldnt see anything lol
Julia Goncalves
Julia Goncalves Vit më parë
Loved this👏🏼💞
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie Vit më parë
Wow. Yeah right. Soooo cute
Kathleen Adair
Kathleen Adair Vit më parë
Where are they at?! I need to stay in that cabin
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