3 Guys, 17 Eggs | Jc, Kian & Matt

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Jc Caylen

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3 guys, 17 eggs.
This is what happens.
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Helen Qats
Helen Qats 16 ditë më parë
friends bloopers
Anahia Calderon
Anahia Calderon 2 muaj më parë
dude why does kian look so different
-goddxss 3 muaj më parë
why am i here ?
Julia Binsted
Julia Binsted 4 muaj më parë
“LoOkS LiKe mUsTuRd”
Julia Binsted
Julia Binsted 4 muaj më parë
how come it took me till now (2020) to notice that JC had gauges as earrings 😂
Kayla Skye
Kayla Skye 4 muaj më parë
Here from 2020’
LoThePokerface 5 muaj më parë
Matt’s squeaky laugh when Kian is pouring garlic on Jc’s head. I have officially passed away 💀😂
Kiara Diaz
Kiara Diaz 7 muaj më parë
oh my god...this was one of my fav vids and i was 8yo 😭😭😭
Kelly Paz
Kelly Paz 7 muaj më parë
Who’s here in 2020 👉🏻👈🏻
Syd N
Syd N 11 muaj më parë
Anyone here in 2019??
Joey Peteza
Joey Peteza Vit më parë
Hey were calmer BAHAH
Sydney Beach
Sydney Beach Vit më parë
Just rewatched this. I’m crying 😭
1D My_History
1D My_History Vit më parë
Spider web Spider web Spider web is coming 😂😂😂😂
1D My_History
1D My_History Vit më parë
Jc's face when Matt wope his hair idk why I said wope but ok
SG Pads
SG Pads Vit më parë
Who's here after watching that box challenge with K&J together with Matt 👀
Tiffany Wise
Tiffany Wise Vit më parë
it’s 2019 and i still come back to the video for 2:29
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith Vit më parë
Baby kian aw
Lelia Viebjerg
Lelia Viebjerg Vit më parë
2019 anyone?
anna belle
anna belle Vit më parë
2:51 an eggshell falls in kians shirt
ayeyo jennifer
ayeyo jennifer Vit më parë
I miss 02l 😂😭 I can't believe I been watching you guys for 4 years
nicole Vit më parë
2019 here!!! it's so weird hearing kians voice. it sounds the exactly the same now as it did back them he just looks more grown up now
Lourdes Pitola
Lourdes Pitola Vit më parë
zoette Vit më parë
7:01 da buutttttttt
KindCuteDiamond Vit më parë
5:39 That doesn't look like spider Web to me
Maykira Nightcore
Maykira Nightcore Vit më parë
Umm miss this
Laura Rodas
Laura Rodas Vit më parë
This is one of my favorite videos ever!!! Love you guys xx
Chelsea Cheyenne
Chelsea Cheyenne Vit më parë
What’s crackin lackin?
Kira Manning Music
Kira Manning Music Vit më parë
I miss this :(
Kate Hinojosa
Kate Hinojosa Vit më parë
2019 bitches
Marijane Arevalos
Marijane Arevalos Vit më parë
2019 me here :)
bea Vit më parë
when they used to edit their own stuff 😂
Haile Vit më parë
2019 anyone?🤪
ava 678
ava 678 Vit më parë
still come back and watch this video.
Shannon Macaskill
Shannon Macaskill Vit më parë
Matt at 07:00
Julianna Quezada
Julianna Quezada 2 vjet më parë
Kians voice crack at 00:32
Janey Eberhart
Janey Eberhart 2 vjet më parë
2:30 R.I.P. anyone with headphones
Amy Michelle
Amy Michelle 2 vjet më parë
anybody watching in 2018
courtney moore
courtney moore 2 vjet më parë
gigi b
gigi b 2 vjet më parë
can you guys make a video of clips of bloopers from multiple videos
gigi b
gigi b 2 vjet më parë
love you guys 💞
Alexandria Foxworth
Alexandria Foxworth 2 vjet më parë
What did Matt put on Jc????
xoxobabygirlxoxo 2 vjet më parë
Rewatching in 2018 😂❤️
Neve Tracy
Neve Tracy 2 vjet më parë
"actually wait i dont even know this answer" kian looks like he gonna kill a bitchhh
Neve Tracy
Neve Tracy 2 vjet më parë
"i can squeeze an omelette out of my hair"
Jovana Jovanov
Jovana Jovanov 2 vjet më parë
Aubree Mickles
Aubree Mickles 2 vjet më parë
2:25 I’m dead
Just An Absolute LOSER
Just An Absolute LOSER 2 vjet më parë
2:25 Jc: *makes disgusted face and gets close to the camera* *screams violently*
Talv 602
Talv 602 2 vjet më parë
Faith Berkey
Faith Berkey 2 vjet më parë
It’s 2018 and this video still kills me 😂
Makayla ꎭ
Makayla ꎭ 2 vjet më parë
bring Jc's hair back like this again
Emma Pasher
Emma Pasher 3 vjet më parë
3:41 KIAN SAY’S MY NAME 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vanshika Prasad
Vanshika Prasad 3 vjet më parë
What's the song played in the background? ??
Safou Ben
Safou Ben 3 vjet më parë
MATT:Do you can please play dinosaur please matt i love youuuuu (Spiderman spidermane...)SORRY
Naomi Kress
Naomi Kress 3 vjet më parë
Rip headphone users @ 2:30
Ashley Towk
Ashley Towk 3 vjet më parë
Kian's voice is so cute
Taylor Scott
Taylor Scott 3 vjet më parë
They are all so freaking cute❤❤❤❤
betslove 3 vjet më parë
matt just loves elephant pregnancy facts
Haley Jenkins
Haley Jenkins 3 vjet më parë
I feel so bored
I feel so bored 3 vjet më parë
2:29 My ears died
Korrine Arrell
Korrine Arrell 3 vjet më parë
rip head phone users 2:28 lol
ivona rankovic
ivona rankovic 3 vjet më parë
i miss this so freaking much..😣💞
Lil Kendrick
Lil Kendrick 3 vjet më parë
I still cry laughing at 2:29 😂😂😂
Finn Finn
Finn Finn 3 vjet më parë
JC:how many inches.... Matt:is kians dick 😂
gilinsky girl
gilinsky girl 3 vjet më parë
I know this is late, But look at Mathew :) looking so cute 😘
Hi Gurl.
Hi Gurl. 3 vjet më parë
LMAOO hating on Matt heavy cause he was hotter then them lol
Ava R
Ava R 3 vjet më parë
Vegans are going Insane
Christina 3 vjet më parë
Anyone know the song that plays in the background I've heard it for years and I've never known the name
Rachel Kirby
Rachel Kirby 3 vjet më parë
Name of the background song?
força barça
força barça 3 vjet më parë
JC: "I can squeeze an omlette out of my hair!" lmao I love JC 😆😂
thatdudescool 3 vjet më parë
I miss JC's hair like this :'(
Bruh LMAOO 3 vjet më parë
Bruh LMAOO 3 vjet më parë
Bro I love how Jc in the description was like "kian lawleys STUFF " ect😭💀
nc lp
nc lp 3 vjet më parë
kian is so fucking smart. turnnn onnb
Jocelyn Serrano
Jocelyn Serrano 3 vjet më parë
2:29 RIP Ears
Victoria Berger
Victoria Berger 3 vjet më parë
"you bih-KIAN" 😂😂😂
Arianna Martinez
Arianna Martinez 3 vjet më parë
did anyone see the snot from kians nose from 7:03 to 7:04
· aquiver·imma
· aquiver·imma 3 vjet më parë
I miss the old JC
Alexis Cordova
Alexis Cordova 3 vjet më parë
Kian was politically correct on the first president.
Katherine Holmes
Katherine Holmes 3 vjet më parë
Ahh Matthew was so frickin cute!! 😍😍
alexis ok
alexis ok 3 vjet më parë
Who's in the shower having a Jc marathon?? 😂😂
Mindless J
Mindless J 3 vjet më parë
"I smell like poopy" gets me everytime😂😂
Kenya_ Kamala
Kenya_ Kamala 3 vjet më parë
it makes me so proud to see kian not being a dumb fuck
random person
random person 3 vjet më parë
Who's watching in 2017😄💗
Bethany Kaylor
Bethany Kaylor 3 vjet më parë
Kian's hair looks fantastic, even after being egged. how.
Alaura Quintanilla
Alaura Quintanilla 3 vjet më parë
"I smell like poopy" lol I'm dying
Emma Callahan
Emma Callahan 3 vjet më parë
My name is Emma yay
Brianna Lujan
Brianna Lujan 3 vjet më parë
6:33 kian lol hhahhhhha
Chastah Barral
Chastah Barral 3 vjet më parë
ughh miss thisss
Angeline de la Fuente
Angeline de la Fuente 3 vjet më parë
damn I feel old watching this in 2017 these were the og youtube days
Almay Williams
Almay Williams 3 vjet më parë
wassup 2017 viewers!!!
ella n
ella n 3 vjet më parë
G Bomb
G Bomb 3 vjet më parë
when JC quickly cuts from laughing with the lil bit of egg dripping on his head to singing and dancing I die laughing every single time 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
McKensie Nicole
McKensie Nicole 3 vjet më parë
you can tell this is old by kians phone case
Max Kurtz
Max Kurtz 3 vjet më parë
Watching this in 2017 😂
Lauren Hawkes
Lauren Hawkes 3 vjet më parë
Lauren Hawkes
Lauren Hawkes 3 vjet më parë
who's watching in 2017???
DanceMomsLover#1#1 3 vjet më parë
Ah, I love them... lol
Kayla Valentine
Kayla Valentine 3 vjet më parë
"spiter web is coming"
Nicole 3 vjet më parë
What's up 2014
Via Galvez
Via Galvez 3 vjet më parë
It's 2017 why haven't I seen this omg